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Equipment Financing | Working Capital Loans

Oakmont Capital Services

Financing for new and refurbished equipment should be simple. At Oakmont Capital Services (OCS), our optical and medical finance professionals focus on providing a seamless, streamlined process because we know doctors’ time is valuable.

Work with us to access personal service from a trusted equipment finance partner. We offer:

  • A Dedicated Account Rep
  • Flexible Terms
  • No Money Down
  • Virtual Financing via E-Docs
  • Structured Terms for Troubled Credit
  • Delayed Payment Options
  • Terms Based on Credit Approval

Contact: Tabitha Renneker |  | 320-435-0028 

PEO | HR | Payroll

EyeDeal Solutions

Owning and running a practice is already tough enough. You have enough on your plate trying to provide the best patient care, staying fully staffed and juggling all the back-office headaches that simply do not generate any revenue for the practice. Introducing EyeDeal Solutions, the practice owner’s new best friend. At EyeDeal Solutions, we match you with the best fitting Professional Employer Organization (PEO) 

  • HR: Reduce or eliminate employee-related paperwork that drains your valuable time and conduct HR activities securely and efficiently.

  • Benefits: Attract and retain top talent with access to Fortune-50 type benefits like Health and medical, dental, life insurance, long and short-term disability, employee assistance programs, 401(k), and yes, even pet insurance! 

  • Payroll: Our PEO partners provide accurate and reliable payroll, payroll tax filings, manage deductions, simplify time-tracking, and help you get a handle on compliance and reports. In addition, they will also streamline employment verification, onboarding, PTO approval, and employee access to paystubs, W-2s, and benefits info.

  • Workers’ Compensation: Get access to cost-efficient coverage and hand off the administration and coordination of your claims. No more deposits or audits to drain your time.

Contact: John Wiley, Founder and CEO:


Sunday, October 16 | 9am PST/12:00pm EST (1 hour)

We are excited to launch this 4-part webinar series to teach optometrists how to get away from the shackles of VCPs and launch their practice into maximum profitability. Over the course of 4 months, we will dive in your own specific obstacles and come up with a detailed plan on how to be successful.

In this final session, you've made a decision and have been working to make it the right call, how do you know when it's working and when it isn't? We will teach you how measure results & overcome mindset obstacles.

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Optometry AlliancesBuying Groups - Who to Choose and Why

Optometry Alliances/Buying Groups – Who to Choose and Why?

Dear ODs on Finance Members, Last week the OD community got some shocking news in their inboxes.  One of the major players in the OD Alliance/Buying Group space – PECAA/HEA, was acquired by a large vision care plan  which had recently rebranded.   The acquisition was, well, met with extreme negativity.  Doctors expressed chagrin that a company that…

Comparison Retirement & IRS Limits

2022-2023 IRS limitations for Optometrists

With inflation rising at all time highs, it definitely seem that the IRS is adjusting quite drastically for most of these accounts for 2023! While all of these limits might seem higher, remember that it is mainly keeping up with inflation, which the consumer index is estimated at 8%. in 2022. Please use these important limit to adjust your financial planning for 2023 especially for any retirement plans!

The Optometrist’s Guide To Health Insurance

Health Insurance Basic 101 That Every Optometrist Should Know

Whether you are a New O.D or Seasoned O.D ….healthcare is changing every year. Working in the medical field, I thought I understood how health insurance worked, until I ended up in the emergency room for two hours earlier this year. We will teach how to understand 6 key terms and how they apply to your health insurance (Premium, Deductible, Co-insurance/Co-pays, Maximum out of pocket, Benefit caps & understand network options (HMO, EPO, POS, PPO).

3 Take-Aways That Optometrists Should Know About Biden’s Student Loan Debt Relief

3 Take-Aways That Optometrists Should Know About Biden’s Student Loan Debt Relief

On Wednesday, Aug 24, 2022, President Biden, along with the US Department of Education announced a three-part plan to help student borrowers with federal loans transition back to regular payments. In addition, we do want to let our members know that it took us a little while to gather our thoughts after the dust settled to address our community.. So let’s begin with the facts first and any questions that optometrists might have. PART 1: Final extension of the student loan repayment + 0% Interest pause forbearance until 12/31/2022

5 Tips for Growing a New Sublease Office

5 Tips for Growing a New Sublease Office

Building a new sublease office inside a retail store brings some unique challenges, but can be even more rewarding when you see your office thrive after years of hard work. Like any new business, attracting new patients may be a struggle at first. However, by engaging in a number of creative practices, I was able to grow this office from a patient base of zero to a thriving optometry office! Below, I will share the five strategies that formed the core of my success plan:

6 Tips for Utilizing Cost Benefit Analysis on a New Piece of Equipment

6 Tips for Utilizing Cost Benefit Analysis on a New Piece of Equipment

New equipment is always a temptation for practice owners, and for good reason. A cost-benefit analysis (or CBA for short) is a term derived from Lean theory and is an analysis of the expected balance of benefits and costs, including an account of any alternatives and the status quo. CBA takes into account your overall return on investment (ROI), however the approach is a little less black and white than might be expected. Let’s go through 6 important tips on utilizing CBA to its full extent in order to find whether that new piece of equipment should find its way through your practice doors.

5 Tips to Stand Out in Your Job Search

5 Tips to Stand Out in Your Job Search

A commonly noticed trend has been noticed over the last few years – new optometry programs continue to pop up throughout the country. This directly leads to an increase in the number of graduating optometrists. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that the job market for associate optometrists is becoming more competitive. In a competitive environment, job applicants must seek ways to stand out from their peers as leading candidates. Learn how to make an impact on employers and set yourself apart from colleagues on your way to success.

$182K in 2.5 years Balancing Residency, Future Goals and Aggressive Loan Payoff with Dr. Andreas Zacharopoulos O.D

$182K in 2.75 years | Balancing Residency, Future Goals and Aggressive Loan Payoff with Dr. Andreas Zacharopoulos O.D

When we think about paying off student loans, it is hard to couple the ideas of finishing a residency and also knocking out student loan debt quickly. Simply put, a residency provides great experience but comes at a cost – a year of well-below average wages. Despite this hurdle, our Student Loan Success Story and active ODs on Finance member Dr. Andreas Zacharopoulos was able to knock out his debt and start setting himself up for financial success. In this article, Andreas gives us a detailed account of how he paid off his student loans and some helpful strategies for overcoming some common struggles in the quest for financial freedom.

The Optometrist’s Guide To Student Refinancing

The Optometrist’s Guide To Student Loan Refinancing

Optometrists often accumulate multiple loans from federal and private lenders to fund their doctor education, which results in an average debt load of $220,000. The majority of these loans are federal loans which have an average interest rate of 5.5-6.8%.Then the majority of doctors will end up refinancing their student loans to save thousands of dollars in interest. Here is your comprehensive guide to the student loan refinancing process and understanding how underwriting works.

For questions, please reach out to Aaron and Dat at