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Course Title: Utilizing Strategic Billing of VSP for Profitability

InstructorWill To, OD

We are ecstatic to have the innovative business mind of Dr. Will To on stage for the first time where he will give his much sought after lecture on how to maximize VSP to build a multi-million Practice.

Learn about unique coding and billing strategies that can dramatically increase profitability of VSP reimbursements leading to a multimillion dollar practice

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After months of hard negotiation with their legal & compliance team, Dat & Aaron are super excited to announce a new brand re-launch with Sofi leadership for our community

✅ Promo Offer ends 2/28/22

✅ 1st ever promo, even better than LaurelRoad’s own 0.25% discount.

✅ This will essentially save the typical optometrist  a net total discount of 0.625% (along with auto-pay 0.25% discount).

✅ Academic deferment, military deferment, forbearance

✅ Loans are discharged on death or disability
✅ Free Financial Planning

📩 Unfortunately, this is only for new Sofi applicants but if you need any guidance, feel free to message me directly on facebook or email us at
Health insurance can be confusing. Even as medical professionals, insurance is often not taught as part of your training so navigating the various plans and options can be overwhelming. It's too easy to get stuck with an insurance plan that is not only unnecessarily expensive but doesn't give you the coverage you need. As a Licensed Insurance Advisor I have access to all the plans available and can shop around for you! I'm very transparent so if we get on an appointment, we'll do a screen-share so you can see exactly what your options are and we can pick and choose and customize plans for your needs without breaking the bank. So please feel free to schedule time or email with any questions

Location Requirements: Eligible in all States except CA, ID, WA, OR, AZ, NM, ND, MN, PA, NY, VT, NH, MA, ME, RI, CT, NJ, DC

Contact: Parita Patel at for any questions and visit to schedule your free consultation today!

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The Optometrist’s Guide For Health Insurance

The Optometrist’s Guide For Health Insurance

Mortgages, car payments, loans – what do these have in common?  Well they are all high cost bills on your plate. There are options so your health insurance doesn’t have to be another one.  When it comes to health insurance, it’s much better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. Here are some great tips on how an optometrist can shop around for health insurance

_3 Tips on How To Ask For an Optometry Raise

3 Tips on How To Ask For an Optometry Raise

Associate ODs usually have an income ceiling that is difficult to reach and rare to break through. This article will tackle a challenging topic that is rarely discussed and can help employed ODs make the most of their income potential – how to ask for a raise. Here are three tips

Four Major Benefits of Investing in Out of State Rentals

Four Major Benefits of Investing in Out of State Rentals

If you’re reading this article, you most likely live in a state that has a high cost of living and home prices are skyrocketing at a pace that makes little sense in investing for cash flow. You’ve wondered how you can also own rental properties and enjoy the sweet success of passive positive cash flow that isn’t possible where you’re at. We’ll talk more about the disadvantages in a follow up article, but for now, we will dive into four major benefits of investing in rental properties out of state.

7 Optometry Student Loan Updates Before End of 2022 (1)

7 Optometry Student Loan Updates Before End of 2022

I cannot believe that it is the end of 2022. It has definitely been a crazy past 2 years with a lot of ever-changing federal legislations regarding student loans. As we approach the federal 0% interest benefit expiration date on January 31, 2022, here are some 7 new updates in the world of optometry student loans.

Three Important Tax Facts for Optometrists Investing in Cryptocurrency (1)

Three Important Tax Facts for Optometrists Investing in Cryptocurrency

For the past two years, as we have been in the middle of a global pandemic, many Optometrists have become interested in cryptocurrencies. This article will explain some of the basic questions you may have about cryptocurrency from a tax point of view.

apartment syndication

10 Reasons For Optometrists to Invest in Apartment Syndications & 2 Reasons to Not Invest in Apartment Syndications

When we started New Sight Capital, we set out on a mission to share the unique opportunity of apartment investing with our fellow optometrists. The challenge: not many ODs have ever heard of apartment syndications. In short, an apartment syndication is the pooling of collective capital from investors in order to acquire an apartment complex that would normally be reserved to larger, institutional investors. Although syndications have been around for years, they’ve typically been an instrument of very wealthy or well-connected accredited investors. We are setting out to change that by bringing syndications directly to the optometric community.

What Happens to My Optometry Student Loans (Federal + Private) if I Die, Become Permanently Disabled, or Become Bankrupt

What Happens to My Optometry Student Loans if I Die, Become Permanently Disabled, or Become Bankrupt?

Optometrists graduate with an average of $200,000+ in student loan debt, usually at a federal interest rate of 6.8%.. It is no wonder why many optometrists are worried about not being able to pay off their massive debt if they are unable to take home a large doctor’s salary. Even more fearful, a lot of ODs are worried that their loved ones will be stuck with their debt upon their passing or permanent disability.In this article, we will clear up some misconceptions around student loans (both federal & private) in regards to death and permanent/total disability.

What Should Do I do First_ A Complete Guideline Step-By-Step

What Should I Do First? A Complete Guideline Step-By-Step

Personal finance is called personal for a reason; it is just as much a science as it is an art (similar to prescribing glasses). But seriously, this is probably one of the most difficult decisions that a lot of doctor investors will face and has starved me of sleep a lot – simply deciding which…

2021-2022 Comparison Retirement & IRS Limits

2021-2022 IRS limitations for Optometrists

We cannot believe that 2021 is almost over! being said, it means that it’s time for updates on IRS limits (Effective January 1,2022). While all of these limits might seem higher, remember that it is mainly keeping up with inflation, which the consumer index is estimated at 4-5%. Here are some Retirement IRS Key-points for 2022.

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