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ODoF Recruiting Services

Associate OD | Practice Owner

Dr. Chris Lopez has dedicated himself to assisting ODs and optometry students since his own time in optometry school, contributing in numerous ways.

  • He provides guidance to ODs navigating their career search journey and offers services in contract reviews for associates.
  • He invests a substantial amount of time in discussions with employers about the proper methods of hiring associate ODs.
  • He stands out as the leading recruiter within the optometry industry, continually working to pair employers with ODs, a role that has earned him the nickname "Optometry's Matchmaker."

Our transparent and flat-fee pricing structure ensures clarity regarding the payment amount, with fees only being applied upon a successful match.

⚠️ You will NOT be compelled to sign a restrictive exclusivity agreement. Thanks to our extensive and varied network, we are poised to offer you the finest opportunity to transition seamlessly into the next thrilling phase of your career!

Services Offered: 

  • Recruiting for employers seeking to hire an Associate OD
  • ✅ Recruiting for employers looking to sell their practice
  • ✅ Recruiting for ODs looking to purchase a practice
  • ✅ Recruiting for ODs looking for an employed Associate position

📧 Feel free to reach out to Chris Lopez, O.D., at for any queries.

💳 Service Fee: Please email us to inquire about recruiting pricing

Sunday, December 10, 2023 | 10am PST/1:00pm EST (1.5hrs FREE CEs)

Join us for a focused CE webinar, where we delve into the essential aspects of managing glaucoma and retinal diseases. This event brings you a concise review of classic diagnostic tests, alongside an introduction to innovative technologies like ERG, color vision testing, and virtual visual fields. Equip yourself with practical knowledge on efficient billing, coding, and implementation strategies to streamline your practice. Ideal for optometrists, and medical billing professionals, this session is your gateway to optimizing patient care and practice efficiency and allow you to stay ahead in your field!

The Glaucoma / Retina Compass (COPE PENDING) | Nate Lighthizer, O.D., F.A.A.O

✅ Review classic tests used for glaucoma and retina (COPE | CE hour 1

✅ Introduce, update and review newer tech including ERG, color vision testing, and virtual visual fields | CE 30mins

✅ Billing + Coding & Implementation Strategies | 30mins Non-CE Discussion (Julie Phan & Chris Lopez O.Ds)

👉 ODs on Finance Member Rate: FREE |  🎥 Recording AVAL TO REGISTERS ONLY x 2 weeks 

Sunday, January 14 2024 | 8am PST/11:00am EST (4hrs FREE CEs)

Join us and delve deep into the evolving world of dry eye management. This summit is tailored for optometrists eager to stay at the forefront of the dry eye treatment, offering insights into the latest research, innovative treatments, and emerging market trends.

✅ Ryan Beck, OD | CE Hour 1

✅ Selina McGee, OD, FAAO | CE Hour 2

✅ Mile Brujic, OD, FAAOl | CE Hour 3

✅ Kimberly Friedman, OD, FAAO | CE Hour 4

👉 ODs on Finance Member Rate: FREE |  🎥 Recording AVAL TO REGISTERS ONLY x 2 weeks 

We've had quite a few cold start ODs reach out to us for help and resources. Startup accelerators boosted many tech giants in their infancy. So why not have a similar system for cold start optometry practices?
So we created the 🚆 COLD START ACCELERATOR 🚆

We did some research and realized that four pain points heavily limit cold start ODs:
❌ Not Enough Funding
❌ No Access to Industry-Best Pricing on Equipment & Materials
❌ No Trusted Consultants that Don't Charge Exorbitant Fees
❌ One Central Resource Platform with a Blueprint for Success

So we decided to fix that.


 ✅ We leveraged our banking partners to provide up to $500k in cold start loans (and up to $2M for real estate).
✅ We negotiated industry-best pricing with both our equipment, frame, ophthalmic lens and contact lens partners.
✅ We brought in experienced, trusted consultants that charge a fair/affordable monthly fee (no more huge $20-30k upfront fees).

✅ We organized all of our resources into a simple to use platform.




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Five Steps to Begin Your Real Estate Journey

Five Steps to Begin Your Real Estate Journey

Real estate is a powerful tool for wealth building, providing numerous advantages over other types of investments. There are different goals when it comes to investing in real estate: appreciation, immediate income (i.e. flipping) or cash flow. At the moment, my main focus is to invest in real estate for cash flow.

Investors who are new to real estate are often unsure of where to start and may feel overwhelmed by the large amount of information out there. This article simplifies the process by explaining how to get started in real estate investing (for cash flow) in just five short steps.

Residential Real Estate Investing

Residential Real Estate Investing with Dr. Julie Phan

In this episode, Dr. Julie Phan, a private practice owner and new mom, gives us an overview of real estate investing and insight into her successful real estate investing career. Related Articles Notice: JavaScript is required for this content. No Fields Found.

Owner Occupied Real Estate

Owner Occupied Real Estate with Dr. Adam Bryan & Dr. Aaron Neufeld

In this episode, Dr. Adam Bryan discusses his journey with owner occupied real estate and how it has benefited his practice. Dr. Neufeld also gives an overview of owner occupied real estate and his personal experience with it. Related Articles Notice: JavaScript is required for this content. No Fields Found.

Entrepreneurship and Equity Rectangle

Private Equity and Entrepreneurship with Dr. Alan Glazier

In Episode 2 of the ODs on Finance video/podcast series, Dr. Alan Glazier (Founder, ODs on Facebook; Business Development Executive, Total ECP; Founder, Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care) talks about private equity and his personal involvement in it.  Dr. Glazier also shares insights on entrepreneurship, the future of optometry and his personal finance principles.…

Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 12.41.41 PM

3 Ways to $300K Net – Dr. Charles Tille on High Netting Sublease Ownership

Dr. Charles Tille OD talks about strategies he uses to maintain a high net at his Lenscrafters sublease. Also, this is our first go at video + podcast, we promise quality will improve as we go along! Related Articles Notice: JavaScript is required for this content. No Fields Found.

Untitled design (9)

Private Practice Spotlight – The Husband and Wife Team and their Cold Start Practice Duo

A few things come to mind when South Dakota is mentioned.  Vast state parks, enormous caves, Mount Rushmore and an old drug store are few that might ring a bell.  But how about a duo of successful cold start private practices? Probably not the first thing you thought about. Enter Jones Family Eyecare, a growing…

Private Practice SpotLight_ Starting Cold

Private Practice SpotLight: Starting Cold

Dr. Sam Johansen OD knows a thing or two about starting a practice cold. With two successful growing practices under his belt (in Greenwood, SC and Newberry, SC) and a third underway, Dr. Johansen exemplifies how hard working entrepreneurship mixed with faith and a fearless attitude can result in an ever growing network of business.…

Health Saving Account (2)

Health Savings Account (HSA)

What is a Health Saving Account (HSA) aka “Stealth IRA”? Alright, let’s chat about the Ninja in the Room (Haha, I crack myself up) which is the Health Saving Account (HSA). If you are enrolled in a high-deductible health insurance plan, you can open an HSA either outside or via your employer. For 2019, the…


Purchasing a Practice – The 4 Methods of Valuing a Practice

There are a myriad of ways to calculate the value of the practice. Although some methods may be used more than others, there is no “100% correct way” of valuing a practice. Ultimately the value of a practice becomes a mutual agreement between the potential seller and potential buyer. The buyer assumes it to be…


7 Reason why Indexed Universal/Whole Life Insurance Suck

During the lifetime of ODs on Finance, we have received quite a few messages from doctors, family and friends about Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IULs).  IULs are promoted to mimic the Index SP 500 return. They are basically Whole/University/Variable insurance in disguise and present a variety of unneeded complications. Don’t fall for them! An important…


Five Tips for Keeping Debt Low During Optometry School

Optometry school is an exciting time.  You begin a rigorous and in depth education that will directly impact your future.  You meet lifelong colleagues and friends. You learn skills that you will use to improve the lives of countless patients, and in turn, these skills will in turn help you make a living. However your…

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