Real Estate Investing

“The best investment on Earth is Earth.” -Louis Glickman

Through leveraging a talented team of realtors, contractors, and property managers spanning five states, Dr. Julie Phan has steadily built a real estate business that generates consistent passive income. She plans to continue investing in small multifamily structures and eventually larger apartment buildings with the ultimate goal of achieving financial independence before the age of 40 so she can fully dedicate her time to raising her children while overseeing her two optometry practices.

Along the way, she hopes to inspire friends, family, and colleagues about the value of real estate investment so they can work towards their own financial independence.

Let's get started on your journey toward financial freedom with your real estate! 

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My Latest Rental Projects

Hey everyone! I am excited share all the in-and-outs of all my previous, current and in-progress rental investment!

Together, we will analyze and walk though each deal and how to manage the rehab project effectively! and Pitfalls to avoids!

Enjoy! -Julie  


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