Recommended Personal Financial Resources

Whether you are looking for the student refi,  insurance brokers, CPA, CFP, etc. This wonderful list of Recommended Resources for optometrists has you covered! We work extremely hard to vet each partner to make sure they are ethical and adhere to our strict principles. If you’re looking for trusted and experienced professionals and services to help you, take a look at the following.

Practice Owner Resources

Are you a practice owner or cold start? Check out these recommended practice-specific resources from equipment, business financing, billing/RCM, Optical Lab, Practice transition, CL Rebate, EHR, Myopia Mgmt, practice consulting,  401K, website etc. 

Student Refi Lenders

Looking to get rid of that high 6.8% interest? Check out the lowest rates available for doctors and receive an additional cash bonus for ODsonFinance Members! 

Books | Media

Education is everything! Looking for your next investing or financial book to read or podcasts to listen to? Check out these Editor's picks! 

Contract Review | Recruiting

Are you concerned that your new employment contract may not be in your best interests? Or need to find an associate or buyer? Get valuable insights and ensure your career goals are aligned  

Mortgage | Refi | Purchase Home Loan

Turned down by the big banks for a home mortgage due to your massive student loan or practice loan? Check out these banks who will actually take the time to do underwriting and find you the best mortgage that works for your situations! 

Financial Planners

While we advocate for do-it-yourself financial investing, sometimes you might need a little hand-holding or guidance.  Check out these heavily-vetted financial advisory service! 

High-Yield Saving Accounts

Do you have a substantial cash reserve? Get a high-yield savings accounts with competitive interest rates and full FDIC-insured.

Insurance Agents

Need help trying to find the best term life, disability, health or professional malpractice?  Check out these insurance brokers who will shop around and help you find the best plans for your situation! 

Legal Services

Need to form your first LLC or create a contract? Or need legal advice for negotiating your practice purchase? Check out these OD-focused Lawyers! 

Personal Loans

Want to compare and shop for the lowest personal loans on the market? Find the best loans that works best for you when life get in the way!

Tax CPA | Bookkeeping Experts

Tired of doing your own taxes? Or just plain confused?  Then a great tax expert can be worth their weight in gold. Check out these great professionals!