Fueled by the popular and rapidly growing ODsonFinance Facebook community of Optometrists and companion website, Co-founders Drs. Dat Bui and Aaron Neufeld created this comprehensive blueprint on techniques to overcome financial obstacles facing optometry students, residents, practicing doctors and other high-earning professionals.

This book strives to teach both young and experienced optometrists financial topics that were never taught in school, ranging from strategies on how to use a high-income salary to attack massive student debt, budgeting and saving for retirement, avoiding predatory advice from financial advisers, using tax strategies to save money, creating passive income, stepping into private practice ownership and how to build wealth through long-term investing in an ever-changing optometric world.

Clinical anecdotes and straightforward advice will keep students and new graduates entertained page after page while teaching important financial lessons to avoid potential pitfalls.

This Book will cover topics such as:

  • The harsh reality of Optometry and finding the right optometric career for you
  • How to save money while in school and ways to attack student debt
  • How to save for retirement and build wealth for the future through investing and real estate
  • Practice ownership and creating a profitable practice
  • Insurance and tax strategies, and when to hire professional help
  • How to create your own side hustle

Praise for the The Optometrist's Guide to Financial Freedom:

“This is it! The guide that every single optometrist should be reading! Why weren't we taught this in school?” 

Dr. Angela Wong O.D

“An amazing high-yielding personal finance guide for doctors and other high earning professionals! Very practical and straight to the point.”

–Dr. Andy Vu D.D.S.

“I’ve been following Dr. Dat and Dr. Aaron online for a while now, and I couldn’t wait to pick up their new book! The financial advice they give is very practical and easy to follow. This is a must-read for any health care professional who wants to manage their money more efficiently. Highly recommended!”

-Dr. Austin Ofreneo, O.D.

“The ODsonFinance guys have done a great job in teaching young doctors how to tackle the unique financial issues that plague physicians! I felt so lost and helpless before I read this and now this book is a guiding light for my future wealth-building.”

 –Dr. Rose Wei M.D.

Message to Readers: Dat and Aaron have spent over one and  1/2 year, along with countless hours between patients and sacrificed weekends to write this book.

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