ODs on Finance Book Series

Fueled by the popular and rapidly growing ODsonFinance Facebook community of Optometrists and companion website, Co-founders Drs. Dat Bui and Aaron Neufeld created this comprehensive blueprint on techniques to overcome financial obstacles facing optometry students, residents, practicing doctors and other high-earning professionals.

This book strives to teach both young and experienced optometrists financial topics that were never taught in school, ranging from strategies on how to use a high-income salary to attack massive student debt, budgeting and saving for retirement, avoiding predatory advice from financial advisers, using tax strategies to save money, creating passive income, stepping into private practice ownership and how to build wealth through long-term investing in an ever-changing optometric world.

Clinical anecdotes and straightforward advice will keep students and new graduates entertained page after page while teaching important financial lessons to avoid potential pitfalls.

The #1 Financial Resource For Optometry Students

Navigating your financial journey through optometry school! This comprehensive guide will navigate you through essential knowledge to not only become a successful optometry student but also a financially savvy and independent one.


The #1 Financial Resource For Optometrists

Written by optometrists for optometrists, The OD's Guide To Financial Freedom will help you get on the path towards building wealth and achieving financial freedom!


What's in the books?

Organized into practical sections to help you achieve financial success.


Learn the harsh reality of optometry, how money works & common financial pitfalls to avoid and how to make better financial decisions  


Learn how to invest your money, take advantage of tax-favored retirement plans, and whether you need expert help.


Learn how to accelerate your debt payoff, options for repaying your student loans, and whether Federal Forgiveness Program is right for you.


Learn how to protect your income with proper insurance and an emergency fund. Also, gain insight about how to maximize your income by earning more money and minimizing your income tax.


Ownership has the potential to create a lot a more income but requires careful planning. If this path is not right for you, consider the economic breakdown of other practice modalities. 


Discover the habits of the wealthy, the philosophy of ODs on Finance, and  how to implement them in your life to achieve million net worth within a few years. 

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About the Authors

Dr. Dat Bui, O.D

Co-Founder & CEO, ODs on Finance

Dr. Dat Bui graduated from the Southern California College of Optometry (SCCO/MBKU) in Fullerton, CA. He practices optometry on the Apple Campus in the heart of Silicon Valley. With a keen interest in ocular disease and healthcare technology, he began his career with over $230,000 in student loan debt. Through strategic budgeting, personal finance, and investing, he cleared this debt in just four and a half years.

Dr. Bui is a staunch advocate for passive index funding, with a portion of his portfolio dedicated to technology stocks. He also manages a large residential five-plex in the Bay Area, CA. As a co-founder of ODs on Finance, optometry’s premier personal finance platform, he co-authored the Amazon best-seller, The Optometrist’s Guide to Financial Freedom. Alongside this, he consults for technology companies, aiming to guide new doctors and high-earning professionals toward wealth and financial independence.

Dr. Aaron Neufeld, O.D

Co-Founder & COO, ODs on Finance

Dr. Aaron Neufeld graduated from the Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, TN. He now lives in the Bay Area, CA, where he owns two full-scope private practices, with an emphasis in specialty contact lenses and myopia management. He began his career with $160,000 in student loan debt and eliminated it (along with investing) in two years. He has a passion for both index funds and commercial real estate investing. 

Beyond his clinical work, Dr. Neufeld co-founded ODs on Finance, the leading finance and investing platform for optometrists and optometry students. He has penned over thirty articles for optometry publications and co-authored the Amazon best-seller, The Optometrist’s Guide to Financial Freedom. Additionally, he’s an esteemed speaker and consultant on industry topics, having delivered multiple COPE-approved CE lectures on myopia management, practice management, and marketing.

Dr. Chris Lopez, O.D

Career Director, ODs on Finance

Dr. Christopher Lopez graduated summa cum laude from the University of Houston College of Optometry. Originally from Southern California, he now calls Wisconsin home, living there with his family. Chris is on the path to practice ownership. His clinical focus lies in ocular disease and specialty contact lenses. Beyond his clinical responsibilities, Dr. Lopez contributes to various optometry journals and travels nationwide to deliver COPE-approved CE lectures. He’s deeply committed to assisting optometry students and young ODs in their job search journey. Chris serves as the Director of Career Services for ODs on Finance.