Recommended Contact Lens Solution

Tired of losing your contact lens revenue to online 1-800-Contact,  Dat and Aaron are excited to partner with these recommended to help maximize your contact lens sales! 

Online Contact Lens Platform

Dr. Contact Lens

Dr. Contact Lens is an OD built powerful revenue generating platform for contact lens sales.

  • It is designed to capture lost revenue to online retailers and streamline in office contact lens ordering.
  • It offers features like one click ordering, auto-reminders, digital Rxes embedded in your contact lens store, marketing tools to re-remind those overdue to see you or order from you, and business intelligence to keep a pulse on your contact lens business.
  • With our platform, we pull data from your EMR going back 3 years, and in one click you can invite these patients to order contacts or come see you - making our platform the only one that can bring you in revenue from day one.

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Independent Contact Lens Brand


The Eyeris mission has been the same from Day 1: Give Private-Practice a chance to compete by offering products and services that prevent Doctor’s hard-earned patient revenues from being syphoned out of their practices by 3rd party online middlemen, (1.800 etc) that take no part in the patient care process.

EYERIS started by offering a non-substitutable, high-quality daily disposable contact lens at the right price for you and your patients. We only sell to independent private practice and directly online to the patient (only after being fit by one of our network doctors). When a patient purchases online, the practice receives the same revenue as if they sold it direct to the patient - in their office. 

No rebate schemes that your staff has to explain: just honest and transparent pricing.

  • We offer a 41.8% margin to doctors, the highest percentage in the industry, and an annual supply price of $479 to the consumer for our Eyeris Daily.
  • Designed by Dr. Lynn Winterton, who also designed DT1, we did not compromise quality for cost. Our lens is produced using the same quality control as the Big 4, as will our entire family of lenses. 

Our industry 1st Multifocal launches in September of 2022 and our Toric soon after in March 2023. 

Contact:  Jeffrey Sonsino OD at | 833-693-9374

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