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Dear Wonderful EyeDock Users,

Todd here, for those who don’t know me, I am EyeDock's founder & developer. I created EyeDock back in 2002, with the simple goal to help ODs be better clinicians because there were no online resources. However,  I've taken it as far as I can as a one-man show without sacrificing too much personal time away from my wife and 3 kids. These late nights/weekend does take a toll on me, especially as I am still practicing optometry full time.

With that being said, I am excited to announce the merging with ODs on Finance, We will have finally have the resources & manpower to take EyeDock to a higher level with new features and content. This will really allow me to focus on the coding/developing new clinical tools to really help our community, which is my passion.

While 30% of the basic website will be free, here are the remaining 70% are new features with EyeDock Pro 1-year Subscription ($144 including 20% discount), cancel anytime.

  • ✅ Fully Mobile UI/UX design
  • ✅ Advanced Contact lens Parameter Search: Search by glasses refraction with specific trial CL suggestions (including multifocal!), access to online pricing to stay competitive
  • ✅ Ocular Conditions Database: Easily search and find information on almost 200 ocular conditions, including signs, symptoms, differentials, recommended workups, treatments, and more.
  • ✅ ICD-10 Database: Search 70,000+ ICD 10 codes, Diabetic retinopathy coding widget
  • ✅ Advanced Tools & Calculators: Access to clinical tools like advanced contact lens, oblique cross cylinder, Parks 3-step utility, Plaquenil Risk, and Meridian power calculators can greatly enhance the precision and accuracy of clinical care.
  • ✅ Priority Access to new future features

As a special thank you for long time supporters, when you sign up for 1 year EyeDock Pro (Normally $144),  you will get a 1 month extra FREE trial.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support! And as always, please don’t hesitate to contact me at Admin@EyeDock.com.

-Todd Zarwell, CEO/Founder | EyeDock

📧 Contact: Todd Zarwell  | Admin@Eyedock.com

Current Optometry Students? Get FREE ACCESS to EyeDock Pro!


Student Ambassadors Program

Benefits & Requirements

Benefits & Requirements for Student Ambassadors Program (100 per Class)

✅ Free 1-year EyeDock Pro Subscription for all of your classmates, renewed annually | $21,600+ Value


✅ Free “The Optometry Student’s Guide To Financial Freedom” (Release Date July 2023) | $2,998+ Value


✅ Required to create a job candidate profile on Careers.ODsonFinance.com (Free)


✅ Required to join ODs on Finance Facebook Community (Free)


 ✅ Complimentary access to online resources such as student loans management & CFP/CPA


✅ Virtual financial webinars 


Lead Student Ambassador

Requirements & Responsibilities

Lead Ambassador's Requirements & Responsibilities (1 Lead per Class)

✅ Active optometry student only (one ambassador per class per school)


✅ Must be in good academic standing


✅ Have a mailing address to distribute all books to classmates


✅ Gather all emails of interested classmates to enroll into student ambassador program


✅ Point of contact, will work with faculty staff as well 


Lead Ambassador's Perks

Extra  Benefits

Lead Ambassador's Additional Perks

✅ Free ODsonFinance T-Shirt


✅ Direct access to Dat or Aaron for mentoring as needed (30 mins Session) | $300 Value


✅ 50% Discount off Contact/ Negotiation Review with Chris (60mins) | $125+ Value