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Get out your Brock string and red green filters, it’s time for a binocular vision & vision therapy summit, except this one will be a bit different. In this summit event we will explore best practices in BV & VT management, latest neuro-BV & migraines treatment,  how to cold start a VT program in your practice and how to become financially successful in running a practice. Learn how to never turn away another trope, and convert that strab into cash for your every flourishing practice!

✅ Optometric Management of the 'Young' Patient (COPE # 87532-FV) | John M. Abbondanza, OD, FCOVD | CE Hour 1-2

Visual Processing Deficiencies and Visual Snow (COPE #88033-NO) | Kalie McCartin-Baker, OD | CE Hour 3

Road to Pediatric Profit (COPE #84433-PM) | Nathan Bonilla-Warford, OD | CE Hour 4

Prescribing Prism for the Primary Care Optometrist (COPE #85273-FV) | Miki Lyn Zilnicki, OD, FCOVD | CE Hour 5

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Fact: we are not retina specialists. Fiction: we cannot be clinicians that manage and generate revenue from retinal conditions. In this 4 hour summit, our speakers will give overviews on commonly managed retinal conditions, the current + emerging technologies we can implement to best serve our patients with these retinal conditions and finally how to best manage our patients to maximize revenue and patient outcomes. Stop worrying about the retina and learn to love the posterior segment!

✅ CE Hour 1- Posterior Segment Coding and Billing: A Closer Look at Special Testing (COPE #87468-PM) |  Angela Tsai, OD

✅ CE Hour 2- Uncovering Unnerving Optic Neuropathies (COPE #86649-NO) |  Alison Bozung, OD, FAAO

✅ CE Hour 3 - Practical Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of AMD (COPE #85373-TD) | Jeffry D. Gerson, OD, FAAO

✅ CE Hour 4 - ABCs of OCTA (COPE #86808-TD) | Jessica Haynes, OD

✅ CE Hour 5 - Beyond the Posterior Pole (COPE #85395-TD) | Carolyn Majcher, OD, FAAO

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Join Dr. Jeff Garcia for an interactive discussion on practical ways to implement the MiboFlo in your practice for better patient outcomes for dry eye disease management.

This engaging Q&A discussion focuses on how including the MiboFlo Test with your existing dry eye protocol improves your understanding of disease stage and how, in turn, that affects your decision making and bottom line.

  • ✅ Clinical Efficacy and Patient Outcomes
  • ✅ Implementation of MiboFlo + Dry Eye Spa
  • ✅ Question and Answer Session


  • Implementing the miBOFLO in a dry eye practice
  • 10 Minute Lecture Q&A
  • Tech dive MIBOFLO
  • 10 minute Sponsor Q&A
  • ODoF special pricing
  • $100 cash Raffle

Optometry has built two unique niches that both serve our patients with unique needs and bring in profitability as a result: specialty contact lenses and advanced dry eye treatment. In this Summit, we bring you knowledge about clinical + science aspects of these anterior segment niches and round it up with the unique financial opportunities that these niches present if executed correctly. Perspectives on all these topics will be provided by some of the most recognized speakers in our industry.

✅ CE Hour 1 - Cornea Should Make You More Coins | Zachary Holland OD, F.S.L.S

✅ CE Hour 2 - Dry Eye & Aesthetics | Carly Rose, OD, FAAO

✅ CE Hour 3 - Bla$t OFF! Success in the Dry Eye and Aesthetic Fron-Tear | Ann Hoscheit, OD

✅ CE Hour 4 - Building a Dry Eye Center +/-Esthetics | Melanie Dombrowski, OD

✅ CE Hour 5- Blepharitis: What Dirty Little Secrets Are Your Patients Hiding? | Pam Theriot, OD, FAAO

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Sunday, August 27, 2023 | 9:00am PST / 12:00pm EST (1 hour)

Are you feeling lost in the maze of student loan updates? Join Brian Walsh, PhD, CFP, the financial expert from SoFi, for an illuminating session tailored especially for doctors. Let's break down the complexities of the new SAVE federal payment plan and get you prepared.

✅ Dive deep into the current market interest rates

✅ New SAVE Payment Plan For Federal Forgiveness

✅ Refinance vs. Federal Program: Which route should you take?

✅ Underwriting decoded: Get the secrets to securing the best rates

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Billing and coding may not be the most exciting subject, but being knowledgeable about it enables us to better generate revenue to further build our practices. In this 4 hr session, two of the OD authorities on billing/coding will deliver insightful deep dives into advanced techniques that ensure compliance and maximize profitability. With scope expansion continuing in the right direction, now is the time to bump up your B&C knowledge!

✅ CE Hour 1 &2- Is it Routine or Medical? The Key to Keeping Patients Happy and Running a Profitable Practice (COPE #84824-PM) | Chris Wolfe, O.D., F.A.A.O

✅ CE Hour 3 & 4 - Building Disease Protocols for Coding and Care Compliance (COPE #84900-PM) | Kyle Klute, O.D., F.A.A.O

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Join Dr. Pinakin Davey for an interactive discussion on practical ways to implement the Rabin Cone Contrast Test in your practice for better patient outcomes. 

This engaging Q&A discussion focuses on how including the Rabin Cone Contrast Test with your existing protocol improves your understanding of disease stage and its progression and how, in turn, that affects your decision making and bottom line.

  • ✅ What is the clinical relevance of color vision testing in AMD, glaucoma, and diabetes management 
  • ✅How a positive Rabin Cone Contrast Test impacts decision making 
  • ✅ Case studies demonstrating results by disease 
  • ✅How to navigate billing & coding

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The integration of technology from both the hardware and software side has become increasingly prevalent for practice to stay relevant and meet their patients’ needs. In this 2nd iteration of our technology and e-commerce summit, our speakers will explore exciting innovations that can be brought into practices to enhance the patient experience and subsequently enhance revenue generation.

✅ CE Hour 1 -YouTube for Healthcare Professionals - Grow Your Clinic, Credibility and Clinical Outcomes (82326-PM) | Joseph Allen O.D

✅ CE Hour 2 - Economic Overview of the Ophthalmic Industry (COPE #82636-PM) | Richard Edlow, OD

✅ CE Hour 3- The Front Line of Innovations (TBA) | Christopher Wroten, OD

✅ CE Hour 4 - Technology, Lasers, Procedures, & the Pipeline: What's Current & What's Coming? (TBD) | Nathan Lighthizer, OD, FAAO

✅ CE Hour 5 - Growing Your Optometric Practice With the New Spectrum of Presbyopia Treatments (COPE # 84553-GO) | Cecelia Koetting OD, FAAO

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We are excited to invite optometrists of all levels to join us at the first ever OD-Financial Summit, a rare opportunity to learn from financial experts on how to transform the way you approach your financial future. In this summit, we will explore various topics including financial planning, investments, tax strategies, debt management, and much more. Our expert speakers will provide practical tips and insights to help you make informed decisions about your financial future and achieve your long-term goals. Whether you are just starting your career as an optometrist or looking to take your financial planning to the next level, this summit is for you. Join us and take the first step towards financial success!

How To Manage Your Student Loan as New Grad OD & Financial Checklist | 30mins (Patrick Logue CFP)

Associate Contract Negotiation Basic 101 & How to Attract The Best Candidate As An Owner | 30mins (Chris Lopez O.D)

Retirement & Investing 101 and The Importance of Insurance | 60mins (Adam Cmejla CFP)

Basic Tax Overview 101 for New OD Grad | 30mins (Joe Erickson CPA)

Advanced Tax Strategies For Owners & Entrepreneurs | 30mins (Joe Erickson CPA)

Essential Legal Tips For Optometrists | 30mins (Ali Oromchian, J.D)

To Buy or To Rent: The OD's Guide To Home Mortgage Financing | 30mins (Lee Raykovicz O.D)

Business Financing 101: How to get the best rates for practice growth | 30mins (Mike Smith-Bank of America )

How To Prepare For Practice Transition As an Owner | 30mins (Natalie Hayes CFP)

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While we know C/D to stand for cup to disc, why can’t it also stand for cents to dollars? In this CE event we’ve recruited three of the top glaucoma ODs to talk about exciting updates in glaucoma treatment and surgery, as well as best practice in billing/coding in order to maximize reimbursement. Learn how to build your glaucoma patients base in the best way possible and make sure your cup is full - but not notched.

✅ CE Hour 1 - Building a Glaucoma Practice: Combining Standards of Care with Billing & Coding (COPE #82763-PM) | Kyle Klute, OD

✅ CE Hour 2- Innovations in MIGS: The OD’s role (COPE #82527-GL) | Justin Schweitzer, OD, FAAO

✅ CE Hour 3 - The Role of Laser in the Treatment of Glaucoma (SLT & Laser PI) (COPE #83144-LP) | Nathan Lighthizer, OD, FAAO

✅ CE Hour 4 - Glaucoma Gauntlet: Managing Cases from Diagnosis to Treatment (COPE #80598-GL) | Mitch Ibach, OD, FAAO

✅ CE Hour 5 - Optimizing glaucoma therapy: anticipating, mitigating, and addressing adverse events (COPE #83738-PH) | Jessica Steen OD, FAAO

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Great patients and great doctors mean nothing to a practice’s success if management is lacking. Practice management takes many forms whether it be staff relations, financials or operations. In our second installment of our highly anticipated Practice Management Summit, we welcome back three key leaders/consultants in our industry as they give presentations on how to build the ultimate well-oiled revenue generating private practice.

✅ CE Hour 1 & 2 - Profit First: Eradicating Business Poverty (COPE #84287-PM) | Mick Kling, OD

✅ CE Hour 3 - The Cost of Culture (COPE #83676-PM) | Tommy Pinkston, OD

✅ CE Hour 4 - The Power of Communication: Improving Clinical & Financial Benefits by Becoming a Better Communicator (COPE #84300-PM) | Steve Vargo, OD

✅ CE Hour 5 - Introduction to the Great Game of Business for Optometry (COPE #83580-PM) | Danny Clarke, OD

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Overview:For the final part of our series, we will hear from an owner that has grown his brand to encompass 12 high grossing private practice locations. Strategies on initial scaling as well as multi location management will be explored. Additionally, insight will be given on how to keep net revenue high through balance of overhead and the avoidance of “robbing Peter to pay Paul.” Marketing, staffing/HR and cash flow will also be discussed. Ryan will go over strategies they use to:

✅ Initial Scaling Strategies
✅ Multi Location Management
✅ Marketing, Staffing/HR + Cash Flow

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Maximizing Optometry Billing: A Comprehensive Overview

In the 2hours session, Stephanie Woo of Woo U will walk us step by step through various billing scenarios with multiple VCPs & medical plans. 
 We will explore the key strategies and techniques to maximize your optometry billing and improve revenue. Our expert speaker will provide insights on how to avoid common billing mistakes, streamline your billing process, and negotiate with insurance companies for maximum reimbursement. By the end of the session, you will have a clear understanding of how to improve your optometry billing and increase your practice's bottom line. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional and take your optometry billing to the next level. Register now and join us for an informative and engaging session on maximizing optometry billing.

✅ Step by step guide With various billing scenarios

✅ Key strategies and techniques to maximize your optometry billing and improve revenue

✅ Learn from a seasoned professional and take your optometry billing to the next level

ODs on Finance Member Rate: FREE | Recording will be only be available to registrants for 2 weeks 

Myopia Management/Control represents a blue ocean for optometrists around the world to harness life changing skills which in turn life changing rewards. However, doctors must be keen on developing their skills and properly marketing/presenting them in order to develop a thriving myopia management practice. In this Summit, we will learn about the different methods of myopia management and how to successfully implement them into our practice by some of the best in the business.

✅ Hour 1 - Myopia Management: How to Maximize Staff, Equipment, and YOUR efforts! (COPE #82705-PM) | Ashley Tucker, OD, FAAO

✅ Hour 2 - Upgrading your Myopia Management Practice: Soft Contact Lens Modalities & Fee Structures (COPE # 82626-CL) | Andrew Neukirch, OD

✅ Hour 3 - Orthok- Reshape vision and your practice! (COPE #83033-CL) | Anith Pillai, OD

✅ Hour 4 - 'Small Eyes with Big Mission' – Strategies for Making Myopia Management Your Practice Builder (COPE #83082-PM) | Kevin Chan, OD, MS, FAAO

✅ Hour 5 - The Full Field View on Myopia Management (COPE #83255-GO) | Kate Gifford, OD PhD

ODs on Finance Member Rate: FREE | Recording will be only be available to registrants for 2 weeks 

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Overview: He’s back. Emerging from the hellfire cast upon him by a greedy vision care plan company, the Phoenix of Optometry emerges from the ashes of poor reimbursement with another exciting and lucrative look at growth strategies. Specifically, Will will dive into high level billing that can help your practice unlock a widening scope and in turn widening revenue. Additionally, Will will give us a look at strategies he has used to expand from one practice to seven practices over the course of two years. Strategies that will be taught:

✅ Lecture 1 Practice Management – 1.25 Hour 

  • Growth strategies: Worker harder and smarter, Tech vs Optometry (Jamf MDM), Equipment evolution/improvements, Procedures: One-ofs vs Timelines
  • Services: Eye exams, UI/UX: The patient experience, What are you selling?, Booked out more than 1-2 weeks, Marketing message, Homeless person sign story, Redefine the CEE, OCT screening as standard of care, CL services
  • Financing (BoA: Healthcare Financing, Lines of credit vs loans)
  • Marketing: Website, SEO, Google Ads, Google Display Ads, E-blasts, Optos conversions
  • Products / COG: Optical lab (Independent vs Big manufacturers), Independent labs – GSRx, Discount off premium products and group member discount pricing, Big manufacturers benefits, Marketing co-op, Training, education, local support, In office edging, Not saving as much as you used to, More about speed rather than costs once you consider the price of labor
    • Frames: Independents vs Designer/big manufacturers, Raising prices, Louis Vuitton
    • Strategy: Concierge Optometry/Personal Shopper, Rule of 3 (Storytelling, Law of averages (range of pricing), Restaurant wine sales (Good-Better-Best)) 
    • Contacts: All manufacturers, Fallacy of rebates/growth programs, Local support – consultants rather than reps, CL trial ordering and putting trials away, Meritocracy (Pepsi challenge)
  • Ecommerce: Hedging against the future, Convenience
  • Dry Eye: Utilizing product as a foundation for services, Give patients a chance to fail, Dry eye kits tied to advanced procedures,Procedures (LLLT, Tearcare)
  • Staffing: Simon Sinek (Leaders Eat Last), Hire fast, fire faster, Start with Why

✅Lecture 2: Advanced Vision/Medical Billing – 1.25 Hour 

  • Vision vs Medical insurance: Pros and Cons
  • Building timelines for success: Starbucks business model, RPP vs Single Exam reimb, Merging vision and medical, Big 3 – Glaucoma, Diabetes, Mac Degen
  • CPT vs Diagnosis codes: OCT nerve vs retina, Fundus vs retinal screening, Visual Fields
  • Private Pay Services and Products: Ideal Timeline with Vision + Medical (Same Day, 1-2 weeks, 6 months), Reimb estimates from Bay Area vs Midwest
  • Dry Eye: CPT vs Diagnosis codes (Tear Lab, Punctal Plugs / Dilation, Soft CL vs Specialty CL fits for OSD) 
  • Private Pay Services and Products: IPL, Thermal Pulsation, Dry Eye Products/Kits, Supplements

Specialty contact lenses provide an amazing service to patients in need and also garner high out of pocket and insurance reimbursement payments. In order to truly become proficient with specialty contact lenses, we will learn about what conditions are best served with which specialty lens, how to fit these lenses and how to properly bill and code to achieve maximum profitability.

Hour 1 -WaveFront Aberrometry in Clinical Practice (COPE Accredited #82932-GO) | Christine Sindt, OD, FAAO

Hour 2 - Complex Corneas & Complex Practice Modality: Simplifying Medical Contact Lens Practice Into Simple YES/NO Scenarios (COPE Accredited #82622-PM) | Randy Charrier O.D., FAAO

Hour 3 - Billing and Coding for Specialty Contact Lenses (COPE Accredited # 982685-PM) | Stephanie Woo, OD

Hour 4 - Molding The Way You Think About Scleral Lenses (COPE Accredited #82668-CL) | Michael Wong, OD

ODs on Finance Member Rate: FREE | Recording will be only be available to registrants for 2 weeks 

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Join us for fast paced, real world case examples discussing how nutraceuticals enhance patient care and your office bottom line! We will discuss sample protocols you can implement tomorrow, why all supplements are not the same, how to combine nutritional recommendations with procedures and medications, real world billing and coding examples, and how to further build your brand and patient loyalty. Learn how to message nutrition quickly and efficiently and leave this 2 hour course feeling empowered- knowing how to eliminate patient (and maybe even your own) resistance with nutraceuticals and watch the results flow to your bottom line!

Fishing for Healthy Eyes & A Healthy Bottom Line COPE-Accredited (COPE-Accredited #82346-TD)

✅ Hour 1 - Cory Lappin, OD
✅ Hour 2 - Bruce Dornn, OD + Natalie Chai, OD

ODs on Finance Member Rate: FREE | Recording will be only be available to registrants 

Overview: In this second part of our series, we will hear from a single location owner that grosses $8M+ per year and nets well over $1M. Over the past 25 years, her practice has grown to house 9 ODs and over 30 staff members in the great state of Texas. In this 2 hour presentation, she will go over what services she added for additional revenue, how she continued to expand internally to grow in size and how she manages a large staff + “keeps the culture.” We will go over strategies they use to:

✅ Specialty Services to Increase RPP
✅ How To Expand Internally
✅ Manage A Large Staff + Maintain Office Culture

ODs on Finance Member Rate: FREE | Recording will be only be available to registrants 

Becoming an authority on treating dry eye not only helps build your patient base, but also increases revenue through cash pay services. We are excited to host a CE summit that teaches you how to build THE Dry Eye Clinic that can attract patients and serve them in an efficient manner. In our 4 hour Summit, you will hear about the science and business aspects from esteemed dry eye ODs that have been in the trenches and came out successful.

✅ CE Hour 1 - Walt Whitley, OD | Ocular Surface Disease Considerations (COPE# 82316-TD) 

✅ CE Hour 2 - Mile Brujic, OD | 5 Steps To Creating A Successful Dry Eye Process In Your Practice (COPE# 82308-TD) 

✅ CE Hour 3 - Doug Devries, OD | Acquiring New Technology & Determining Return on Investment in Ocular Surface Disease (COPE# 82482-PM) 

✅ CE Hour 4 - Selina McGee, OD | Advanced Dry Eye Clinic Strategies (COPE# 82315-TD) 

✅ CE Hour 5 - Cecelia Koetting, OD | The Most Promising Treatments in the OSD Pipeline  (COPE# 81840-PH) 

Overview: Owning a private practice is widely regarded as one of the most effective ways for an optometrist to build substantial wealth. While the profession lauds OD business owners that make 200k, 300k or even 400k a year, the truth is that much more can be achieved through ingenuity, strategic planning and good old fashioned grit.

In this series, we’ve recruited ODs on Finance members and practice owners that have practices which net over $1M (after owner doctor’s salary). Each of these owners will delve into strategies used to build, lean out and scale their practices. Our hope is that new and existing owners alike can take this knowledge and build their own practice so that it can create generational wealth.

Part 1 Synopsis: All-star practice owners Adam and Kristy Bryan own a single location practice in North Carolina that nets over $1M. The practice was started by the Bryans and has become a household name in their town of Holly Springs. The Bryans will go over strategies they use to:

✅ Maximize RPP
✅ How they built a thriving dry eye clinic/spa
✅ How they scaled “in-house”
✅ How real estate ownership has helped their net

For Questions +Sponsor Inquires, please reach out to Aaron and Dat at Admin@ODsonFinance.com