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Need a trusted CPA agent or Bookkeeper to handle all your complicity of your optometry business? We are excited to partner with these recommended and reliable Tax Agents! We often get asked who we recommend for Tax preparation (preparing your tax form) to tax strategizing (helping the OD in planning way to lower his or her tax bill)!  So after extensive research and interviews, these firms are excellent in planning and helping your optometric business. Fees are typically per project/return or at an hourly rate.

Associate Doctor (W2, 1099) | Sublease Owner | Practice Owner

Experience a clear, professional, and affordable approach to taxes. Our Tax Advisory & Filing plans start at $50/month. Enjoy year-round, unlimited tax advisory and support without hidden fees or unexpected end-of-year costs. Rely on our licensed CPAs for a worry-free tax season.

Start by scheduling a 15-minute call between May and December, as we only onboard new tax clients during this period to guarantee a customized and exceptional tax season experience. Then, when tax season arrives, we'll provide a tailored list of tax documents for submission, ensuring nothing is overlooked. As a result, submitting your tax documents to us will be a seamless and hassle-free process.

Refractional CFO, founded by Jackson Pace, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with experience in public accounting, specializes in providing tailored tax, bookkeeping, and fractional CFO services for optometrists. With his full-time experience as CFO for an extensive OD/MD practice operating across multiple states with retail optical branches, he carries a wealth of industry expertise. He looks forward to being your advisor and empowering you with the help you need to thrive!

  • ✅ Tax advisory & filing: Affordable pricing (W2, 1099, business), Unlimited tax support

  • ✅ Bookkeeping with unlimited support

  • ✅ Monthly insights: Practice Ratio Analysis, Profit-first Budgeting, Key Metric Tracking

📧 Jackson Pace, CPA | | Call/Text (435) 200-1951

Associate Doctor (W2, 1099) | Sublease Owner | Practice Owner

For Eyes Bookkeeping, LLC offers professional bookkeeping services for professional optometrists. Founded and operated by Wade Weisz, OD, the team at For Eyes Bookkeeping brings more than 25+ years of experience in private practice ownership.

We are on a mission to help optometrists maintain financial compliance, save hours of time each month, and boost profits by being a trusted financial partner.

Our bookkeeping packages are 100% tax deductible and cover all the essential bookkeeping services needed to run your practice. We also offer add-on services, like bill pay, budgeting, clean up and catch up, team member productivity tracking, and more to help your practice succeed to the fullest extent!

Services and Packages:

  • ✅ Classify & Record Transactions
  • ✅ Reconcile Transactions

  • ✅ Financial Statements 

  • ✅ Practice Management Integration

👉 Book a FREE consultation with us today to get your financial future off the ground.

📧 Contact: Wade Weisz, OD at |  (408) 214-1222

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