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Recommended Tax Experts

Need a trusted CPA agent to handle all your complicity of your optometry business? Dat and Aaron are excited to partner with these recommended and reliable Tax Agents! We often get asked who we recommend for Tax preparation (preparing your tax form) to tax strategizing (helping the OD in planning way to lower his or her tax bill)!  So after extensive research and interviews, these firms are excellent in planning and helping your optometric business. Fees are typically per project/return or at an hourly rate.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are paid sponsors of this website. These recommended resources are heavily vetted and researched by Dat and Aaron. We are extremely selective on who we want as sponsors because your trust in us is so vital for ODsonFinance to succeed. If you have feedback or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Tax Planning & Book-keeping

Hallows & Company

Our goal has always been to be more than just a traditional accountant that does bookwork and taxes. We work with our clients in a capacity we refer to as a “strategic partner”. Because of this philosophy, there is a noticeable difference between us and the rest. We have worked with large accounting firms and individuals working from their home, and know where both fall short. We have the ability to serve all your tax needs and specialize in supporting our clients from a full-service bookkeeping standpoint as well.

Traditional accountants give you paper…we give you sound, professional advice. Traditional accountants give you the time you paid for…we give you the time you need. Traditional does your taxes…we work with you in advance to understand your situation and reduce tax. Traditional doesn’t guide any retirement planning…we have been helping clients build retirement plans for 30 years.

Our clients love our flat-fee pricing so there are no questions as to what they will be paying. Let’s do a zoom meeting today and we can discuss the needs of your practice.

In addition to tax planning, Hallows and Company provides the following for the OD:

  • Tax preparation 
  • Accounting
  • Financial Planning
  • Bookkeeping

Location Requirements: Eligible in all States

Contact: Adam Roundy CPA at for any questions 

Caro & Associates 

Accounting Services for Optometry Practices

Our best guess is that you didn‘t launch your optometry practice because you love accounting work. So why take on these complex tasks that keep you in the back office and away from your patients?

We want to help you get out of the back office and back to business. BOSS® (Back Office Support System) is our convenient and affordable outsourced accounting package designed for busy optometry practices just like yours. Simply hand over your accounting work to us, and we do the rest.

Our firm understands the financial hurdles you’re confronted with on a daily basis and are ready to offer meaningful solutions and practical advice. We will take over all the accounting tasks that are straining your resources including bookkeeping, payroll, budgeting, and more. We'll also decrease your tax burden through proactive planning and tax minimization techniques designed around your particular practice. Our practice management consulting services will improve productivity, help you monitor cash flow efficiently, and increase the overall profitability of your eye care practice.

Caro & Associates strives to offer the most effective services to optometrists. These services range from accounting, taxation and business coaching services including:

  • Bookkeeping and payroll solutions
  • Tax planning strategies benchmarking and KPI management
  • Start‐up business advice for optometrists
  • Advice and establishment of your business structure
  • Tax & business registrations
  • Preparation of business plans, cash flow forecasts and profit projections
  • Accounting software selection and training – bookkeeping, invoicing, payroll etc.

Let us help you get back to your passion – your patients and your business – and get out of the back office!  Contact us to learn more and see BOSS in action. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please mention you’re coming from the ODs on Finance FB group for a free consultation.

Location Requirements: Eligible in all States

Contact: Jose M Diaz Caro at or at 206.497.0671 or visit our website at

Financial Management & Consulting/ Tax Planning/ Practice Valuation

Williams Group Financial

Williams Group has been helping optometry practices for over 30 years. It is that experience that allows us to know how to shape your financial statements to reflect that of an optometry clinic. Your numbers will be updated daily and allow you to compare to national benchmarks for optometrists. 

By also offering tax preparation, tax planning, and full-service payroll, we aim to take the busy work off your hands so you can focus on what is profitable to you, seeing patients. 

Our fees update based on how your clinic is performing, so you will pay less if you go through hard times, and we will be motivated to help you and your clinic improve. And our payroll services are often cheaper than do it yourself payroll software, which doesn’t have our benefit of integrating the smallest details into your books

In addition to our financial services, we also can help you achieve the practice you've always wanted through our highly-customizable consulting programs. We’ll help you define your goals in every area of your practice and then co-manage implementation to help you achieve your desired results.

Services include:

  • Bookkeeping & reporting
  • Full-Service Payroll
  • Corporate & Personal Tax Returns
  • Tax Planning
  • Sales & Use Tax filing
  • Business Personal Property Tax Return
  • Practice Consulting Programs 

Location Requirements: Eligible in all States.

Contact: Brad Rourke, CPA, ABV, at or find out more about us for a free consultation 

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