Recommended Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing is often the biggest wealth builder for doctors. While we are avid RE investors, we acknowledge the fact that many ODs are doctors first! Hence majority don’t want to manage their own rentals but desire a more active ROI compared to a simple Vanguard REIT fund. With that being said, we are extremely strict about who let on this recommended list; many of which require months of due diligence, interviews, meetings. As always, with any investments, please read all prospectus carefully and let us know how your experience are! Happy RE Investing! 

Real Estate Syndicators (Apartment)

New Sight Capital 

New Sight Capital was founded by optometrists Walt Whitley and Russ Beach who both understand the demands a busy career puts on your time and your ability to grow your wealth.  As an optometrist, you've worked hard for your prosperity, and you want to enjoy life to the fullest with your loved ones. While investing in apartments can yield stable cash flow and growth of capital, it can be labor intensive. That’s where New Sight Capital comes in. We present our investors with private opportunities to invest in apartments through syndications, and we take care of all the work involved. The result is quarterly cash payouts and the growth of your invested capital over the life cycle of the syndication–with no loss of your time or energy.

What is an apartment syndication?  Quite simply, it's the pooling of collective capital from multiple investors for the purpose of acquiring apartment real estate that would otherwise be reserved to institutional investors.  This allows smaller investors access to all the benefits without the work.  In addition to cash flow and equity growth, apartment syndications have considerable tax benefits due to the power of accelerated depreciation.   As limited partners, investors also are shielded from operation-associated liabilities.

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Contact: Russ Beach, O.D at (312)-432-3332


Dr. Walt Whitley, Co-founder

Director of Investor Relations

Walt is nationally recognized as a thought leader within the profession of optometry. He is one of optometry’s most active and sought-after lecturers for state, regional, and national conferences. He is a past President of the Virginia Optometric Association (VOA) and recognized as the 2012 VOA Young Optometrist of the Year, the 2015 VOA Legislative Keyperson of the Year and the 2020 VOA Optometrist of the Year. From 2008 to 2021, Walt served as the Director of Referral Services and Residency Program Supervisor at Virginia Eye Consultants in Norfolk, VA. During his tenure, Walt helped Virginia Eye Consultants develop one of the country’s leading models of optometry-ophthalmology cooperative care, thus helping the practice grow from 4 providers to 23 providers by 2021. This growth led VEC to private equity partnerships in 2018.


Dr. Russ Beach, Co-founder

Director of Operations

Russ started his own private optometry practice in Virginia Beach, VA in 2008. In 2013, he joined with partners to acquire Coastal Vision. Russ spearheaded the growth of Coastal Vision into one of the largest private optometric practices in Virginia with 4 locations. After increasing gross revenue by 100%, Coastal Vision was then sold to Keplr Vision in 2020, allowing Russ more freedom and resources to pursue his passion in helping others grow their personal wealth through multifamily real estate investing. Russ also has a strong passion for providing pro bono eye care and glasses to local homeless and underserved populations, and he makes charity work the biggest reason for his own financial growth.  In 2021, he began the application process to create a non-profit foundation, called The Mathew 6:22 Project, which will provide free eye care to homeless and children in poverty in eastern Virginia.

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