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Q1/2023 Market Update for Optometrists: Latest Economic Trends And How To Adjust Your Financial Plan

By DatBuiOD | April 5, 2023 |
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Welcome to the Q1/2023 market update, where Aaron and myself will provide you with an overview of the latest economic trends and developments, including what we as optometrists should watch out for and how we should adjust our investing plans… So we hope to provide a comprehensive overview of the latest economic trends and developments, highlighting the challenges and opportunities in today’s market for optometrists.

2022 in Review, and a Look at 2023!

By Dr. Aaron Neufeld | January 1, 2023 |
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It’s hard to believe, but the year 2022 has vanished in the blink of an eye. This past year, we’ve had the pleasure of seeing ODs on Finance continue to grow and help ODs on their financial journey, whether they be new grads or seasoned veterans. We are thankful for your attention, your questions and your contributions. Two tenets that hold paramount value to us at ODs on Finance are transparency and productive growth. In this letter, we will highlight how our community has grown, the various methods we provide value to our community, exciting new projects/acquisitions for 2023, and a look at our commercial interests/disclosures – trust us, you’ll want to read this! Here is a quick recap of 2022!

6 Common Tax Mistakes That Optometrists Make

By DatBuiOD | November 23, 2022 |
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Optometrists are not trained in maximizing their tax benefits. Consequently, doctors who prepare their taxes themselves may miss many deductions they are entitled to take. I don’t know about you, but I want to take advantage of all the tax benefits I am entitled to. Following are six mistakes I see optometrists make that are costing them a lot of money in overpaid tax bills.

10 Things Your Optometry Lawyer Wants You to Know About

By DatBuiOD | November 22, 2022 |
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Putting yourself in the best position possible to be successful involves getting professional help, and an optometry attorney can be a vital part of your team of professionals.

Action Plan: What To Do with My Optometry Student Loans Before 2023?

By DatBuiOD | November 7, 2022 |
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Our inbox has been getting slammed with ODs asking for advice on what to do with their federal student loans as we get closer to the 0% forbearance expiration date of 12/31/22. Politics aside, based on the most recent federal news which removes a lot of uncertainty that we had last month, we are going to break it down with some actionable plans that optometrist can take:

The Optometrist’s Guide to Short Term Investing

By DatBuiOD | October 24, 2022 |
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With the recent volatile market and pending economic recession, many investors are looking to hold their cash in a relatively safe place, especially as our economy faces surging inflation. In this article, we will talk about short term investments and where we can place these funds, aside from just storing cash. What is a short-term investment?

What Should I Do First? A Complete Guideline Step-By-Step

By DatBuiOD | October 10, 2022 |
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Personal finance is called personal for a reason; it is just as much a science as it is an art…

2022-2023 IRS limitations for Optometrists

By DatBuiOD | September 28, 2022 |
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With inflation rising at all time highs, it definitely seem that the IRS is adjusting quite drastically for most of these accounts for 2023! While all of these limits might seem higher, remember that it is mainly keeping up with inflation, which the consumer index is estimated at 8%. in 2022. Please use these important limit to adjust your financial planning for 2023 especially for any retirement plans!