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Comparison Retirement & IRS Limits

2023-2024 IRS limitations for Optometrists

With inflation rising at all time highs, it definitely seem that the IRS is adjusting quite drastically for most of these accounts for 2023! While all of these limits might seem higher, remember that it is mainly keeping up with inflation, which the consumer index is estimated at 8%. in 2022. Please use these important limit to adjust your financial planning for 2023 especially for any retirement plans!

Creative Approaches To Acquire An Optometric Practice

Creative Approaches To Acquire An Optometric Practice

Approaching the acquisition of your first practice with a little creativity may open up additional opportunities for acquisition at a more reasonable cost of investment. We are all used to the approach of identifying a practice for sale and buying it. Gone are the days when banks easily lent money, that borrowed cash was affordable, and the price of practices for sale was attainable to a new solo practice optometrist

Overcoming $153,242 Student Loan Debt in Four Years Working in Corporate Optometry

Overcoming $153,242 Student Loan Debt in Four Years Working in Corporate Optometry

Hello, I’m Dr. Ayana Pierre O.D, and I graduated from NSU in May 2019. I chose the path of corporate optometry and currently practice in Central Florida. Working about 4.5 days a week, I’ve been fortunate to earn a gross income of approximately $250,000 last year. This achievement has been a blessing, providing me with not just financial stability but also the flexibility to manage my schedule effectively.

Navigating the Path to Cold-Starting an Optometry Practice A Journey of Passion and Persistence with Dr. Ashley Szalkowski (1)

Navigating the Path to Cold-Starting an Optometry Practice: A Journey of Passion and Persistence with Dr. Ashley Szalkowski

Driven by the desire for change and a fresh approach to eye care, Dr. Ashley Szalkowski shares insights into the process of establishing a thriving practice from the ground up.

October 2023 Market Update for Optometrists Latest Economic & Financial Trends

October 2023 Market Update for Optometrists: Latest Economic & Financial Trends

The economic landscape is characterized by a steady 3.7% inflation and cautious actions from the Federal Reserve, particularly in managing interest rates to avoid potential economic downturns. While some economic indicators like GDP growth appear robust, there’s a visible undercurrent of economic stress and mixed expert predictions regarding a potential recession in 2024.

The Holland's Journey Paying off $660,000 Student Debt in 5 12 Years

The Holland’s Journey: Paying off $660,000 Student Debt in 5 1/2 Years

We want to share our stories to help other young optometrists who are struggling with their student loans. We are both practicing optometrists and managed to overcome a massive obstacle together: paying off $660,000+ in student loans in just 5 1/2 years. Sounds impossible right? But let’s start from the beginning.

4. Buy the Official "The Optometrist's Guide to Financial Freedom" Book

Co-founders Drs. Dat Bui and Aaron Neufeld created this comprehensive blueprint on techniques to overcome financial obstacles facing optometry students, residents, practicing doctors and other high-earning professionals.

This book strives to teach both young and experienced optometrists financial topics that were never taught in school, ranging from strategies on how to use a high-income salary to attack massive student debt, budgeting and saving for retirement, avoiding predatory advice from financial advisers, using tax strategies to save money, creating passive income, stepping into private practice ownership and how to build wealth through long-term investing in an ever-changing optometric world.



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