Our Story: So...How did it all Begin?

Two young optometrists, Dat and Aaron sat around a small table in a dive bar one winter evening in 2017, nursing bottled IPA beers.  They talked about the usual stuff: tough cases in clinic, girls they were dating, fast cars; when all of a sudden Dat sprung a question out of the blue: "I wonder how many of our colleagues are prepared for retirement and financially free?"

So the two docs decided to do some research.  They asked around and interviewed other optometric colleagues, they even asked other professions such as dentists, MDs and chiropractors. The Disturbing Answer?  Hardly any of these high income professionals knew even the basic of basics about debt, investing or net worth. The MORE Disturbing News?  Many of these individuals were completely inundated with massive debt and did not realize the implications it carried for their futures.Suddenly, a topic that they seldom talked about in the past became a passion for Dat and Aaron.

They formed the popular online discussion group "ODs on Finance" on Facebook.  The group quickly amassed thousands of members eager to learn and explore the world of personal finance.

So we sincerely hope you find value in this community and spread the word of financial freedom for all Optometrists and other high-earning professionals. 

Meet the Team


Dr. Dat Bui O.D

CEO | Co-Founder

Dr. Bui is an optometrist at the Apple Wellness Center in the heart of Silicon Valley. He has a deep passion for ocular disease and  healthcare technology. He started his career with $220K of student debt and was able to finish this massive debt in 5 years using budgeting and personal finance, along with investing. He is a big advocate for passive index funding with a small portfolio toward technology stocks, in addition to managing his 5plex in the Bay Area CA.

Lastly, Dat wants to help all new doctors and high-earning professionals navigate toward wealth and financial independence.


Dr. Aaron Neufeld O.D

COO | Co-Founder

Dr. Neufeld is the owner of a 7-figure multi-doctor practice located in Los Altos, CA.  A mere two years after graduation he eliminated his substantial student debt of over $150K.  He now focuses his energy on practice growth through patient-focused care, serial investing and helping others achieve financial freedom.

Aaron believes in a balanced portfolio rooted in passive index funds, but also invests in small cap biotech stocks, private equities and real estate.   Additionally, he frequently writes for industry publications and sits on advisory boards/expert panels.


Dr. Julie Phan O.D

Marketing Director | Real Estate Investor

Always the entrepreneur at heart, Dr. Phan decided in 2018, while expecting her first child, to pursue the goal of working smarter rather than harder in order to allow a greater focus on her growing family. She purchased her initial investment property in early 2018. Currently, she has over seven properties in total, all of which she has never visited. Through leveraging a talented team of realtors, contractors, and property managers spanning five states, Dr. Phan has steadily built a real estate business that generates consistent passive income. She plans to continue investing in small multifamily structures and eventually larger apartment buildings with the ultimate goal of achieving financial independence before the age of 40 so she can fully dedicate her time to raising her children while overseeing her two optometry practices.

Along the way, she hopes to inspire friends, family, and colleagues about the value of real estate investment so they can work towards their own financial independence.


Dr. Chris Lopez O.D

Career Consultant

Dr. Christopher Lopez graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Houston College of Optometry. He is originally from Southern California and now resides in Wisconsin with his family. Chris is on the path to crush his student loan debt while working towards practice ownership in the near future. He publishes articles for different optometry journals and ODs On Finance, and is passionate about helping optometry students and young ODs navigate their job search journey.

Chris is an advocate of passive index fund investing and plans to get into real estate (once his student loans are paid off!).