Financial Topics

Every person has to start their financial journey somewhere! So we created this "bootcamp" courses to get a great foundation on all important basics that you will need to be a successful Optometry investor!

Choose your area that you want to master and Let's get Started!  

Student Loan/Eliminating Debt

Learn how to tackle your massive student loans, repayment programs and whether refinancing is right for you! Also methods to eliminate debt!

Retirement Planning

Learn how to prepare for the future and what is the best retirement accounts for you! 

Investing 101

Learn how to efficently and successfully manage your investments and maximize your profits! 

Finding the Right Optometry Career Path

Learn about how to apply and find the perfect job and what type of modalities are right for you!

Practice Management & Profitability

Learn whether you are ready to be a private practice owner! 

Real Estate Investing

Want to learn how to get start on the greatest form of Passive income?