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We have partnered with two amazing companies to make your website unique and optimized for your optometry practice. Reach and convert potential patients within your target demographic and your geographic location to boost traffic and revenue.

Digital HealthCare Professionals

Digital Healthcare Professionals

Digital Healthcare Professionals is a privately owned, boutique Digital Marketing Agency. We focus on a few core values that a lot of the larger “bargain brand’ companies overlook.

  • Complete Ownership of your website- Many other companies are simply renting you your website, whereas if you were to cancel your contract with them, your website is taken down and all content is lost. Digital Healthcare Professionals launches, licenses and registers the website we build to you. This means as soon as your new website is launched you own everything and can take it with you if you ever decide to discontinue services.

  • No Contract- Most companies will sign you into either a 6 month or 12 month contract which means if you are ever unhappy with the services they provide you have no choice but to keep paying until the contract is up. Digital Healthcare professionals DOES NOT BELIEVE IN CONTRACTS! We believe that if we fulfill our promises and achieve your goals that we do not need to handcuff you to our company with a contract.

  • Customer Service- Many companies have a sales person responsible for bringing new clients in and then kick those clients down to a support team. At Digital Healthcare Professionals, we believe as OD business owners you have the highest vested interest in the success of your practice. That is why you will be working directly with myself, the CEO/Owner of the company or our President of Sales who works directly below me. There will be no 1-800 number or help hotline where you never really know who you will be speaking with each time you reach out.


Contact: Michael Grossman CEO | | 845-518-4678



Roya works with thousands of eye care practices nationwide to supercharge their online strategy with Canvas® powered websites and specialized digital marketing campaigns. Canvas® websites cater to a wide variety of practices ranging from cold-start new practices to multi-location nationwide enterprises, and everything in between. provides professionally designed, industry focused websites that are heavily tested and highly effective, designed to reach and convert new patients. is a Google Partner and offers a full suite of marketing services that are customized to target each practice's specific goals. Get access to the digital marketing tools that can increase your google ranking, improve your digital presence and expand your new patient reach. website and marketing packages are comprehensive but offer a range of service levels to best fit your needs. Below are the most popular services:

  • Professionally Designed Google AMP Website With Canvas® Toolbox & Platform License
    Professional Client Services Team
  • Reputation Tracker & Reputation Builder
  • Canvas® Studio
  • AI Insight
  • SEO Management
  • Google Ads Management
  • Facebook Ad Management
  • Professional HD Video Production
  • YouTube Video Advertising 
  • Marketing Consultation

Contact: Dani Astilla | | 858-257-4590


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Virtual Masterclass - Caldwell Final Social

Carotenoid Levels in Ocular Disease and Systemic Health (1 hr COPE CE Virtual)

We are ecstatic to host our first live CE event of 2021 with the Dr. Greg Caldwell. We hope this CE event will help you better understanding of how carotenoids affect ocular disease and gives some ideas on what technologies you can implement in your practice in regards to carotenoid levels.

Carotenoids are nutrients that have been proven to protect the eye from light damage and several ocular pathologies. Their antioxidative protection is most recognized in age related macular degenerations. Many ocular and retinal diseases are linked to low levels are carotenoid levels.