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Sunday, May 29 | 9am PST / 12:00pm EST (2Hour)

Private Equity and What It Means to Optometry

COPE ID: 60334-PM
CE Hours: 1
Course Title: Is Private Equity Right For You?
Instructor: Benjamin Chudner, O.D

In the first event of its kind, some of the optometric industry's best minds involved in private equity talk about the pros and cons of PE, how it has and will change the landscape of optometry, and what the implications of these changes will have on the profession.

Hour 1 (CE | BenjaminChudner OD) : Review several private equity groups, how optometric practices are valued, and what you can expect from the beginning of the process through the close of the sale.

Hour 2 (Roundtable Discussion | Natalie Hayes CFP): Private Equity - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly - CFP Natalie, who frequently deals with large PE deals will run a roundtable with some of the biggest names in the PE field, including associated lawyers that have run deals and doctors that have been bought out.

ODs on Finance Member Rate: FREE

This event was made possible by an unrestricted educational grant

Recording will be only be available to registrants 

Dat and Aaron excited to launch after close to 3 years of negotiations!

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Billing | Credentialing | Compliance Solutions

CS Eyes Billing | Credentialing

We are happy to provide a much needed and requested tool for all our practice owner ODs on Finance members.  Through a collaboration and partnership with CSEye, ODs on Finance Billing | Credentialing | Compliance Solutions offers the following:

  • Billing Services – comprehensive revenue cycle management, includes  compliance, risk assessment, focused training, chart reviews and reporting. 
  • Compliance Programs – online, easiest to implement and use HIPAA  security. Processes, annually required training videos, risk assessment,  required exclusion list checks and chart reviews. 
  • Credentialing Services – affordable path to obtain credentialing and easily  track renewals.  
  • Chart Reviews and Audit Assistance – we will ensure your documentation  supports your coding and we can also help you navigate any payer audits.

The xCPTional site is a simplified tool for fee schedule analysis, 99xxx coding and documentation as well as compliant screening or wellness programs, which often results in increased revenue of $30,000-$50,000 per 1000 patients.  Schedule a demo by clicking here 

Contact: Jessie Rustad | | 608-351-2127

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8 Dos and Don'ts When Purchasing an Optometry Practice

8 Dos and Don’ts When Purchasing an Optometry Practice

Practice ownership is often heralded as one of the pinnacles of an optometric career. Having ownership of a practice often allows for higher income, and more importantly: freedom and autonomy to practice as one sees fit. In my career, I have had the privilege of buying my own practice as well as helping others through the buying process… So whether you are a newly minted graduate looking to begin your legacy, or you are a seasoned veteran looking to acquire another piece of your empire – use these points to help guide you towards your next big purchase.

3 Optometry Contract Red Flags to Watch out for On Your Job Search

3 Optometry Job Contract Red Flags to Watch Out For

Reviewing contracts can be tedious, challenging, confusing, and flat out exhausting. However, the contract review and negotiation phases of the career search journey are arguably the most crucial steps in the entire job search process. This could set you up for huge financial success early on in your career, or it could keep you stuck at an office where you would rather not work any longer out of fear of breaching your contract. We tend to focus on compensation because it’s easier for us to understand as compared to legalese. However, I would argue that the non-salary contractual items are equally, if not more, important than wages. This article will briefly discuss three non-salary red flag items to be aware of during your contract review.

7 Optometrist’s Key Points From Biden’s Extension Of Student Loan Relief

7 Takeaways for Optometrists From Biden’s Extension Of Student Loan Relief

Last Friday afternoon, Biden announced that he will extend the student loan moratorium (which was supposed to expire at the end of September 30,2021) to a new date of  January 31, 2022. Benefits include suspended payments (forbearance) and frozen 0% interest from March 2020. While there are a lot of moving parts, here is what you should be aware of if you are an optometrist with federal loans:


6 Ways Optometrists Can Reduce Disability Insurance Premiums

In today’s world there are so many things we need to get in place to help protect ourselves and our families; yes, optometry disability insurance is one of them. Here are 6 ways optometrists can reduce disability Insurance Premiums

7 Ways to Buy Your First Home with an Investor’s Mindset

7 Ways to Buy Your First Home with an Investor’s Mindset

In March 2021, my fiance and I made the largest purchase of our lives, we bought our first home in the Bay Area CA, specifically in the East Bay Area. No, this article isn’t about us celebrating the idea of having our “forever” house, but more about the vital decisions and mindset that we had to enforce to start building our RE Investing portfolio. Here are 7 strategies on how to buy your first home with an investor’s mindset.

7 Updates on Managing your Student Loans in Mid-2021

7 Updates on Managing your Student Loans in Mid-2021

We are halfway through 2021 and close to 1.5 years since the COVID pandemic lockdown; but most importantly, we are approaching the end of the federal 0% student loan interest relief (set to end September 30th). Here are 7 important updates in the world of student loans to help every OD be financially successful!

5 Tips for Avoiding an IRS Audit

5 Tips for Avoiding an IRS Audit For Optometrists

While an IRS audit can happen via random selection, in many cases, it’s the actions of the taxpayer that trigger the audit process. And that’s why we put together this helpful guide—outlining five common red flags. Understanding these triggers can save you a lot of potential trouble and anxiety.

How Much Profit Should Rental Properties Generate (1)

How Much Profit Should Rental Properties Generate?

For real estate investors, the ultimate goal is obviously profit. However, one of the most common questions people have when considering investing in a rental property is: how much profit should expect? This article will help you to estimate your potential profit on a particular property investment. There are a number of variables that should be considered whenever estimating profit. It is also important to remember that every market is somewhat different. However, ultimately, there are a handful of core questions that can be asked to help estimate potential profit.

Boosting In-Office Revenue (2)

Boosting In-Office Revenue (Virtual Webinar)

Growing a practice and keeping it profitable requires an ever evolving mindset that embraces both technology and creativity. In this panel discussion with industry experts Dr. Ryan Gustus, Perry Brill and Steve Alexander; we discuss implementation and execution of strategies ranging from materials sales to insurance. The following key questions and points are covered: Speakers…

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