Thoughts on the Current Economy with Peter Schiff (FB Live Event)

With the world under distress at both a political and public health level, it is hard to make sense of economic activity.  Furthermore, with heavy government involvement in the economy, long term implications are both scary and unknown.  In this live event, famed economist Peter Schiff helps us understand his vision of the economic future and how we can weather the upcoming storm.

Our Guests

Peter Schiff

  • Peter Schiff is an economist, author, stock broker, tv/radio personality and CEO of Euro Pacific Capital.  He hosts his own radio show called the Peter Schiff show and is a frequent guest on the Joe Rogan podcast, CNBC, Fox Business, and Bloomberg.  He famously predicted the 2008 economic crash and has authored multiple books.


  • We have the government giving out money right and left - whether it be through stimulus checks, unemployment payments and small business loans; but somehow, the stock market seems to keep going up.  What is happening with the current economy?

  • How would one describe the Fed to someone that is unfamiliar?

  • What should the remedy for hyperinflation be?

  • How should everyone be investing right now?

  • When the election comes in November, what changes do we need to see in order to put American on the right track economically?

  • Why should we invest in gold, and why the majority of economic minds don’t believe in the gold standard.

  • How about silver or other precious metals?

  • What countries should we invest in?

  • Thoughts on cryptocurrency?

We hope you enjoy this discussion! Click below to listen/watch!  

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