How to Invest in TurnKey Properties with Merv Plank (FB Live Event)

Anyone who has done even a little research into real estate investments has probably read about turnkey properties. In a business where flipping homes and BRRRR’s (Buy, Rent, Rehab, Refinance and Repeat) investments have become incredibly popular, turnkey properties often are not fully considered by investors. For those who may be unfamiliar with the term, a turnkey property is a home that has been fully renovated and can be immediately rented out (i.e. ready to use as soon as you turn the key).

Should a relatively new investor consider turnkey properties instead?  That question and many, many others, including top 5 tips for investors looking to acquire turnkey properties, are answered in this presentation.

Our Guests

Merve Plank (CEO and Co-founder Alliance Wealth Builder)


Introduction to turnkey rental properties  (Julie Phan O.D.)

  • What are turnkey rental properties? 1:56

  • What do turnkey providers do for you?  2:57

  • What is not done for you? 6:08

  • 5 Quick Tips when buying turnkey rental properties? 8:32

  • Are turnkey rental properties for you? 18:07

  • Example of a not so good “turnkey” rental property:  24:00

  • Summary: 30:45

Presentation by Merve Plank (Alliance Wealth Builder)

  • Introduction

  • Birmingham market 2:30

  • Why Birmingham? 7:37

  • Alliance Wealth Builders 9:00

  • Property management 9:43

  • Turnkey Provider questions 11:20

  • Property examples 15:25

  • Can I do this myself? 29:40

  • Who should consider the turnkey approach? 33:33

  • How to contact us: 36:20


Please feel free to reach out to Julie Phan O.D.  at or you can DM her on her IG @house_house
Please visit and contact Merv directly to learn more about his company

Check out: Are Turnkey Rental Properties Right For Me?

We hope you enjoy this panel discussion!  Click below to listen/watch!


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Dr. Phan is the co-owner (along with her husband, Toan Nguyen OD) of a highly successful optometry private practice in San Marino CA while also running a Sam’s Club sublease in nearby San Bernardino. Always the entrepreneur at heart, Dr. Phan also invests in rental properties. Through leveraging a talented team of realtors, contractors, and property managers spanning five states, Dr. Phan has steadily built a real estate business that generates consistent passive income. Along the way, she hopes to inspire friends, family, and colleagues about the value of real estate investment so they can work towards their own financial independence. Follow Julie's REI Journey on IG @ house_hustle at

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