8 Financial Lessons that I Learned during COVID-19

As we approach the end of August, we have experienced the worst market down-spiral in mid-March since the 2008 housing recession, with a -20% stock market crash. Luckily, year to date (YTD), the S&P 500 index has recovered nicely to roughly baseline. While we are not out of the woods yet, I have learned some important financial lessons, both as an investor and as an individual during this once-in-a lifetime catastrophe. Here are 8 things the pandemic has taught me.

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Federal Student Loan Servicers Get Fired! Chaos Could Extend Student Loan Relief

As we approach September 30, 2020, when the temporary 0% Federal student loan and forbearance period are both expected to end, here are some important updates:

Key Points:
DeVos fires all 4 major loan servicers that handle federal student loans starting December 14, 2020.
What to expect when receiving a welcome letter from your new servicer and what to do?
10 year PSLF Borrowers: Download your payment history before End of 2020
Student Loan servicers chaos could extend student loan relief
Refi Student loans are trending lower

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Trump Declared a 0% Student Loan Interest Waiver and Allows Borrowers to Suspend payment for up to Six Months, What should you Do?

Editor’s Note:Update [3/26/2020] We will try our best to update this article with the latest information/news from the federal government during these changing climate  With the Coronavirus crisis fully engaging our nation, every facet of our economic system is being affected.  President Trump declared Friday March 13 that he’s waived “interest on all student loans…

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