Carotenoid Levels in Ocular Disease and Systemic Health (1 hr COPE CE Virtual)

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CE Hours: 1

Course Title: Carotenoid Levels in Ocular Disease and Systemic Health (Virtual Webinar) 

Instructor: Greg Caldwell, OD, FAAO

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Event Information

We are ecstatic to host our first live CE event of 2021 with the Dr. Greg Caldwell. We hope this CE event will help you better understanding of how carotenoids affect ocular disease and gives some ideas on what technologies you can implement in your practice in regards to carotenoid levels.

Carotenoids are nutrients that have been proven to protect the eye from light damage and several ocular pathologies. Their antioxidative protection is most recognized in age related macular degenerations. Many ocular and retinal diseases are linked to low levels are carotenoid levels.

This course will review carotenoids, how to assess their levels, and identify the patients that would benefit from diet, lifestyle, and supplementation. This course will provide patient cases to the audience.


6:00pm PT/9:00pm ET:

  • Brief 10 minute presentation from Dr. Steve Moore O.D

6:10pm PT/9:10pm ET: 1 Hr CE Lecture by Dr. Greg Caldwell

  1. Carotenoids - Why they are important in eye care
  2. Discuss the ocular and systemic diseases associated with low carotenoid levels
  3. Evidence based medicine on carotenoids and how to apply
  4. Review invasive and noninvasive ways to measure ocular and systemic carotenoid levels
  5. Why do we only treat half the retina with current recommendations?

7:00pm PT/10:00pm ET - Q/A Session about the Biophotonic Scanner from our sponsors at Pharmanex (Dr. Trevor Crabtree) 

For questions, please reach out to Aaron at

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