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Course Title: Utilizing Strategic Billing of VSP for Profitability

InstructorWill To, OD

We are ecstatic to have the innovative business mind of Dr. Will To on stage for the first time where he will give his much sought after lecture on how to maximize VSP to build a multi-million Practice.

Learn about unique coding and billing strategies that can dramatically increase profitability of VSP reimbursements leading to a multimillion dollar practice

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After months of hard negotiation with their legal & compliance team, Dat & Aaron are super excited to announce a new brand re-launch with Sofi leadership for our community

✅ Promo Offer ends 2/28/22

✅ 1st ever promo, even better than LaurelRoad’s own 0.25% discount.

✅ This will essentially save the typical optometrist  a net total discount of 0.625% (along with auto-pay 0.25% discount).

✅ Academic deferment, military deferment, forbearance

✅ Loans are discharged on death or disability
✅ Free Financial Planning

📩 Unfortunately, this is only for new Sofi applicants but if you need any guidance, feel free to message me directly on facebook or email us at
Health insurance can be confusing. Even as medical professionals, insurance is often not taught as part of your training so navigating the various plans and options can be overwhelming. It's too easy to get stuck with an insurance plan that is not only unnecessarily expensive but doesn't give you the coverage you need. As a Licensed Insurance Advisor I have access to all the plans available and can shop around for you! I'm very transparent so if we get on an appointment, we'll do a screen-share so you can see exactly what your options are and we can pick and choose and customize plans for your needs without breaking the bank. So please feel free to schedule time or email with any questions

Location Requirements: Eligible in all States except CA, ID, WA, OR, AZ, NM, ND, MN, PA, NY, VT, NH, MA, ME, RI, CT, NJ, DC

Contact: Parita Patel at for any questions and visit to schedule your free consultation today!

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What is the Optometrist Home Loan All About & How Can it Help You? By: Josh Mettle (Guest Writer)

For years physicians and dentists have had access to “physician home loans” or “doctor mortgages”, which allowed qualifying doctors to exclude student loan debts, purchase high value homes with less than twenty percent down, and require less than two years’ history for self-employed and independent contractors. Similar underwriting guidelines and underwriting flexibility are now being…

Five Steps to Begin Your Real Estate Journey

Five Steps to Begin Your Real Estate Journey

Real estate is a powerful tool for wealth building, providing numerous advantages over other types of investments. There are different goals when it comes to investing in real estate: appreciation, immediate income (i.e. flipping) or cash flow. At the moment, my main focus is to invest in real estate for cash flow.

Investors who are new to real estate are often unsure of where to start and may feel overwhelmed by the large amount of information out there. This article simplifies the process by explaining how to get started in real estate investing (for cash flow) in just five short steps.

Residential Real Estate Investing

Residential Real Estate Investing with Dr. Julie Phan

In this episode, Dr. Julie Phan, a private practice owner and new mom, gives us an overview of real estate investing and insight into her successful real estate investing career. Related Articles Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.No Fields Found.

Owner Occupied Real Estate

Owner Occupied Real Estate with Dr. Adam Bryan & Dr. Aaron Neufeld

In this episode, Dr. Adam Bryan discusses his journey with owner occupied real estate and how it has benefited his practice. Dr. Neufeld also gives an overview of owner occupied real estate and his personal experience with it. Related Articles Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.No Fields Found.

Entrepreneurship and Equity Rectangle

Private Equity and Entrepreneurship with Dr. Alan Glazier

In Episode 2 of the ODs on Finance video/podcast series, Dr. Alan Glazier (Founder, ODs on Facebook; Business Development Executive, Total ECP; Founder, Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care) talks about private equity and his personal involvement in it.  Dr. Glazier also shares insights on entrepreneurship, the future of optometry and his personal finance principles.…

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3 Ways to $300K Net – Dr. Charles Tille on High Netting Sublease Ownership

Dr. Charles Tille OD talks about strategies he uses to maintain a high net at his Lenscrafters sublease. Also, this is our first go at video + podcast, we promise quality will improve as we go along! Related Articles Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.No Fields Found.

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Five Ways to Accumulate Short Term Wealth Through Investing

“How do I save money for the short-term to accomplish financial goals like saving for a down payment? A vehicle purchase? An engagement ring for my sweetheart? Or a rental property purchase?” These are questions that many young doctors ask us when we do our normal spew about long-term retirement investment. Everyone has different financial…

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Private Practice Spotlight – The Husband and Wife Team and their Cold Start Practice Duo

A few things come to mind when South Dakota is mentioned.  Vast state parks, enormous caves, Mount Rushmore and an old drug store are few that might ring a bell.  But how about a duo of successful cold start private practices? Probably not the first thing you thought about. Enter Jones Family Eyecare, a growing…

Private Practice SpotLight_ Starting Cold

Private Practice SpotLight: Starting Cold

Dr. Sam Johansen OD knows a thing or two about starting a practice cold. With two successful growing practices under his belt (in Greenwood, SC and Newberry, SC) and a third underway, Dr. Johansen exemplifies how hard working entrepreneurship mixed with faith and a fearless attitude can result in an ever growing network of business.…

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