Recovering and Re-Opening after COVID-19 (Live Event)

COVID-19 has undoubtedly caused a lot of pressure on ODs both in personal and professional settings.  However, recent news of states lifting stay at home orders and allowing business to resume have many ODs hopeful, but also filled with questions.  Restarting from operational, staffing, cash flow and marketing standpoints raise major concern for practitioners.  Our panel of industry leading and innovating ODs help navigate our thought process.

Our Guests

  • Dr. Alan Glazier - based out of Maryland, Alan is the founder of Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care, business exec at Keplr but you probably best know him as the optometry Facebook king and creator of ODs on Facebook

  • Dr. Jennifer Tsai - based out of New York, Jennifer is the founder of Carrot Eyewear  and owner of a cold start practice: Line of Sight.  On the flipside to Alan, Jennifer is the optometry Instagram queen, and is a pro at social media marketing

  • Dr. Tom Arnold - based out of Texas, Tom is an authority on Scleral Lenses both in practice and as a lecturer.  He chairs the International Congress on Scleral Contacts and the Facebook Group Scleral Lens Practitioners (SLP)

  • Dr. Mick Kling - based out of California, Mick is the owner of Invision Optometry.  He also runs Impact Leadership  which is a Profit first professional, and is one of the greatest resources and teachers for business acumen amongst optometrists.



Our guest panelists give their unique insights on various questions and aspects of practice management that have arisen from the COVID-19 crisis and subsequent aftermath, including:

  • (1) How has COVID-19 affected your practice during the last 1.5 months?  
    • What method have you used to approach the crisis? (closure, partial staff, etc.)  
    • What other  avenues of revenue have you explored amidst routine care being shut down?  Anything out of the box or new?

  • (2) What aspects of the CARES Act have you utilized?

  • (3) How are you approaching re-opening at a general level - slowly or full speed, and why?

  • (4) Recovery from an Operation/Public Health Perspective
    • What is your practice’s plan for patient flow?
    • What new safety measures are you implementing?
      1. PPE?
      2. Social Distancing?
      3. Keeping equipment/materials clean?

  • (5) Recovery from a Staffing Level
    • How are staff meetings looking like?  How do we co-manage staff fears, new operations and still maintain efficiency? 
    • How do we train staff to handle new challenges presented by COVID?
    • Any tips for new issues that may arise with staff-patient communication?

  • (6) Recovery from a Cash Flow Perspective
    • The trio of extended closures, new expenses and public fear will create additional woes to poor cash flow, how do we deal with this?
    • How are you managing cash flow?  What bills are you prioritizing?

  • (7) Recovery from a Patient Perception Perspective
    • Marketing has completely changed to center around COVID.  How are you marketing to both existing and potential patients?
    • What measures are you taking to ensure that patients feel trust and safety at your practice?

  • (8) We have had many ODs on Finance members ask if now is a good time to buy/sell a practice?

  • (9) What have we learned from this crisis that we can carry on to improve our practices and our professional selves?

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We hope you enjoy this panel discussion! Click below to listen/watch! 

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