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I am personally excited to announce this partnership since ocular disease has always been a passion of mine. While optometrists need to be financially-educated,  they also need to be clinically-knowledgeable to be efficient in providing the best patient care.  Hence why I created a year ago. It was a great but very basic website filled with clinical tools from ocular disease to CL parameters that over 4,000+ doctors use on a daily basis.

But there was always something missing, and that something was EyeDock, a well-known online clinical tool that was created in 2002 by full-stack developer extraordinaire, Dr. Todd Zarwell O.D. So with the merging of our two companies, Todd & Dat can have the necessary resources & man-power to take EyeDock to a higher level, to really make every single doctor exceptional clinicians. So is our gift to our optometry profession: 

  • ✅ Fully Mobile UI/UX design, comprehensive database, updated daily
  • ✅ Register for EyeDock FREE to get access to basic contact lens, medicine, ocular diagram, references & basic vertex calculator
  • ✅ Upgrade to EyeDock PRO $15/month to get full access to comprehensive ocular disease/treatment, ICD-10, advanced calculators/tools and new features.
  • ✅ No Long-term Contract, Cancel Anytime, Free Account Setup. 

ODs on Finance Member PROMO: 

  • Free 4-Years EyeDock PRO for optometry students during school
  • Free 1-Month EyeDock PRO for practicing doctors

Todd and myself sincerely plan to invest more future resources back into EyeDock to make the best optometric clinical tool in the world! So please give us feedback as you navigate the site! 

Current Optometry Students? Sign Up For Our Ambassador Program To Get Free Eyedock Pro!

We are excited to negotiate all these limited time, lowest rate & member-only exclusive promo for our community! But wait, there's more! If you're planning on attending Vision Expo East , you won't want to miss the chance to swing by the booth and demo some of the incredible equipment on display.

And as a special bonus, we're offering all of our community members a special ODoF Code that will get you an even bigger discount on top of the already amazing trade-show pricing. 

Maximizing Optometry Billing: A Comprehensive Overview

In the 2hours session, Stephanie Woo of Woo U will walk us step by step through various billing scenarios with multiple VCPs & medical plans. We will explore the key strategies and techniques to maximize your optometry billing and improve revenue. Our expert speaker will provide insights on how to avoid common billing mistakes, streamline your billing process, and negotiate with insurance companies for maximum reimbursement. By the end of the session, you will have a clear understanding of how to improve your optometry billing and increase your practice's bottom line. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional and take your optometry billing to the next level. Register now and join us for an informative and engaging session on maximizing optometry billing.

✅ Step by step guide With various billing scenarios

✅ Key strategies and techniques to maximize your optometry billing and improve revenue

✅ Learn from a seasoned professional and take your optometry billing to the next level

ODs on Finance Member Rate: FREE | Recording will be only be available to registrants for 2 weeks 

For the final part of our series, we will hear from an owner that has grown his brand to encompass 12 high grossing private practice locations. Strategies on initial scaling as well as multi location management will be explored. Additionally, insight will be given on how to keep net revenue high through balance of overhead and the avoidance of “robbing Peter to pay Paul.” Marketing, staffing/HR and cash flow will also be discussed. Ryan will go over strategies they use to:

✅ Initial Scaling Strategies
✅ Multi Location Management
✅ Marketing, Staffing/HR + Cash Flow

ODs on Finance Member Rate: FREE | Recording will be only be available to registrants for 2 weeks 

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Should an Optometrist Use a S-Corp? By: David Glenn (Guest Writer)

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post written by one of our sponsorship partners.  Aaron and Dat are extremely strict about guest requirements in that they must be educational and informative to our readers. Every guest post is vetted, read and upheld to the highest standards of ODsonFinance. Your trust is the most valuable factor to…

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Five Steps to Begin Your Real Estate Journey

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Private Equity and Entrepreneurship with Dr. Alan Glazier

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There are a myriad of ways to calculate the value of the practice. Although some methods may be used more than others, there is no “100% correct way” of valuing a practice. Ultimately the value of a practice becomes a mutual agreement between the potential seller and potential buyer. The buyer assumes it to be…


7 Reason why Indexed Universal/Whole Life Insurance Suck

During the lifetime of ODs on Finance, we have received quite a few messages from doctors, family and friends about Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IULs).  IULs are promoted to mimic the Index SP 500 return. They are basically Whole/University/Variable insurance in disguise and present a variety of unneeded complications. Don’t fall for them! An important…

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