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Course Title: Utilizing Strategic Billing of VSP for Profitability

InstructorWill To, OD

We are ecstatic to have the innovative business mind of Dr. Will To on stage for the first time where he will give his much sought after lecture on how to maximize VSP to build a multi-million Practice.

Learn about unique coding and billing strategies that can dramatically increase profitability of VSP reimbursements leading to a multimillion dollar practice

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After months of hard negotiation with their legal & compliance team, Dat & Aaron are super excited to announce a new brand re-launch with Sofi leadership for our community

✅ Promo Offer ends 2/28/22

✅ 1st ever promo, even better than LaurelRoad’s own 0.25% discount.

✅ This will essentially save the typical optometrist  a net total discount of 0.625% (along with auto-pay 0.25% discount).

✅ Academic deferment, military deferment, forbearance

✅ Loans are discharged on death or disability
✅ Free Financial Planning

📩 Unfortunately, this is only for new Sofi applicants but if you need any guidance, feel free to message me directly on facebook or email us at
Health insurance can be confusing. Even as medical professionals, insurance is often not taught as part of your training so navigating the various plans and options can be overwhelming. It's too easy to get stuck with an insurance plan that is not only unnecessarily expensive but doesn't give you the coverage you need. As a Licensed Insurance Advisor I have access to all the plans available and can shop around for you! I'm very transparent so if we get on an appointment, we'll do a screen-share so you can see exactly what your options are and we can pick and choose and customize plans for your needs without breaking the bank. So please feel free to schedule time or email with any questions

Location Requirements: Eligible in all States except CA, ID, WA, OR, AZ, NM, ND, MN, PA, NY, VT, NH, MA, ME, RI, CT, NJ, DC

Contact: Parita Patel at for any questions and visit to schedule your free consultation today!

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