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As the front line eye-care doctors  dedicated exclusively to treating myopic children, we as ODs have helped millions of children to have better vision now and reduce their risks of serious eye diseases associated with myopia. In addition to combating the myopia epidemic, myopia management is considered one of the highest (if not the highest) speciality that can generate the most revenue for practice. We are excited to  partner with these companies to help practice achieve profitability.

MiSight 1 day

Myopia Control | Soft Contact Lens

Whether you're new or seasoned in myopia management, come get certified to prescribe MiSight® 1 day. Its science is strong. The approach is simple. Act now, change tomorrow.

  • ✅ Only FDA-approved treatment for myopia control
  • ✅ Easy for doctors, staff, and patients
  • ✅ Gets the accelerated myopic eye growth back on track
  • ✅ Backed by a first in class 7-year study

➡️ Get Certified Today:



Euclid Vision Corporation

Myopia Management | Ortho-K

Euclid is the myopia management partner positioned to take your practice to the next level!

For over 25 years, Euclid has refined the art and science of myopia management with Ortho-K. Each lens is specifically designed for the individual patient’s eyes. Thanks to the power of ‘Three Factor Fitting,’ integrating Euclid Ortho-K into your practice is easy. Simply provide three parameters: RX, K Readings, and HVID, and our unique algorithm does the rest. This efficient, empirical process yields an 87% first fit success*. With the recent launch of MyEuclid™, a cloud-based platform to help drive practice efficiency and optimize your Euclid fits, you can peek behind the curtain to make additional practitioner modifications, easily place orders, track your lenses, and quickly upload topography to help streamline the fitting process. *Based on internal data.

Why Euclid:

  • ✅ Recognized as a world leader, Euclid is proven on millions of eyes around the world
  • ✅ 100% focused on myopia management
  • ✅ Proprietary, state-of-the-art manufacturing process ensures high quality and reproducibility
  • ✅ Unparalleled expert consultation team
  • ✅ Step-by-step guide for myopia management implementation including staff training, parent/ patient communication, and more


  • (1) ➡️ Get Euclid-certified at (30 minute, FDA-required training)
  • (2) ➡️ Schedule a patient exam and record three parameters Rx | K’s | HVID
  • (3) ➡️ Upload the patient’s parameters to MyEuclid™ or call (800) 477-9396

Exclusive ODs on Finance Member Promos:

  • ✅  Get Euclid-Certified and Receive Your First Pair of Warranted Lenses FREE. Use promo code when ordering: ODF22

  • ✅  Receive $1,000 in lens bank value for $900

  • Both deals include a 30-minute consult with Euclid’s practice management and implementation specialist, so you can get started right away!

➡️ For more information, visit

➡️ Contact: Kellie Wesley | | 1-800-477-9396

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