Make Your Practice More Profitable (FB Live)

With rising challenges from decreasing insurance reimbursement, increased overhead, and online competition; being profitable in the private practice setting has become harder than ever.  But here’s the thing: all these rising challenges can be dealt with and tackled head on.  All that is required is creativity, “start up thinking,” and some sage advice from our guests over at Eyetrepreneur.

Our Guests

Dr. Raymond Brill

  • Owner of Brill Eye Center and Co-Founder of Eyetrepreneur, Dr. Brill is an early adopter of technology, and his practice is diverse with an emphasis on specialty contact lenses, anterior segment disease, and luxury eyewear. He presents COPE lectures on dry eye disease, amniotic membrane use, and practice management topics.  He also holds a MBA degree.

Perry Brill

Since 2014, Perry has been the manager of his Dad’s Brill Eye Center practice in Mission, KS.  Perry, alongside his father Dr. Brill, co-founded Eyetrepreneur Media, a news and educational platform through podcasting, video creation, blogging and social media. In January of 2020, Perry launched Eye Rock It consulting, a growth-based consulting agency focused on rapid implementation of ideas to help optometrists make money and find missing cash-flow opportunities. Perry believes any practice can be great if they want to actually put in the work, listen, and execute.  



Various topics on Practice Profitability are covered including these questions/talking points:

  1. What are some common bottlenecks in the exam room and optical when it comes to creating a profitable practice?

  2. Number one tweak or hack that you have seen become profitable in the exam room?

  3. Tips on making the exam room process more efficient.

  4. Number one tweak or hack that you have seen become profitable in the optical?

  5. Tips for Optical Efficiency.

  6. They often say that the optical is where the money is.  How do we train opticians to sell higher quality frames and lenses?  How do we get that second pair sale?

  7. Discuss VSP and the impending changes come September.

  8. General Vision insurance discussion.


We hope you enjoy this FB Live discussion! Click below to listen/watch! 

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