Business Financing

Ready to apply for your business loan for that Practice? or need some financing for that new Retina Optos? Dat and Aaron has partnered with these recommended to offer fast, flexible business loans or equipment financing designed for the unique needs of optometric professionals

Merchant Services | Business Loan | Commerical Financing

Optometric Business Financing + Merchant Services

With over a decade of experience working nationally in the OD financing space, Darren Jackson has helped many optometrists nationally secure practice, equipment, and commercial real estate loans, business banking services, and merchant services. My value as an national optometric banker:

  • Over a decade of experience working nationally in OD financing space.
  • I’ve helped many optometrists nationally secure practice, equipment, and commercial real estate loans, business banking services, and merchant services.
  • Excellent customer service
  • Knowledge of the Optometric industry.

Optometrist Program | Services Offered: 

  • Commercial real estate purchase loans up to 25 years fixed for existing buildings and ground up construction projects.

  • Cold start-up loan up to 10 years fixed

  • Practice acquisition loan up to 10 years fixed 

  • Business loan refinancing up to 10 years fixed 

  • Practice remodel, expansion, and additional location loan up to 10 years.

  • Practice Real Estate Conventional (non-SBA) loan for existing practice owners.

    • Loan is up to $1,000,000. Can be used for real estate purchase, real estate refinance, and real estate equity out loan.

Location Requirements: Eligible in all States

Contact: Darren Jackson | Email | (571)-489-1100

Equipment Financing | Working Capital Loans

Oakmont Capital Services

Financing for new and refurbished equipment should be simple. At Oakmont Capital Services (OCS), our optical and medical finance professionals focus on providing a seamless, streamlined process because we know doctors’ time is valuable.

Work with us to access personal service from a trusted equipment finance partner. We offer:

  • A Dedicated Account Rep
  • Flexible Terms
  • No Money Down
  • Virtual Financing via E-Docs
  • Structured Terms for Troubled Credit
  • Delayed Payment Options
  • Terms Based on Credit Approval

See the Difference: Industry Expertise at Your Service

Our financing professionals focus on the optical and medical industries and have deep knowledge of the equipment doctors need to treat patients. They also enjoy what they do and are passionate about helping medical practices fuel business growth.

At OCS, we strive to get our customers the best terms possible, whatever that means to you (like low down payments, delayed payments, or extended terms). Plus, we’re here for you beyond one purchase – we want to be your trusted financing partner for all your future needs.

Dedicated, Competitive, Fast, and Secure
Work one-on-one with a dedicated professional who understands the financing process and is committed to helping your business. OCS offers competitive terms and custom financing solutions. We make same-day credit decisions (often within hours of application submission). Plus, we finance via electronic documents and provide access to a remote online notary for speedy processing. Since 1998, we’ve been helping businesses obtain the equipment needed to grow.

We Make It Possible.

Contact: Tabitha Renneker |  | 320-435-0028 

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