Boosting In-Office Revenue (Virtual Webinar)

Growing a practice and keeping it profitable requires an ever evolving mindset that embraces both technology and creativity. In this panel discussion with industry experts Dr. Ryan Gustus, Perry Brill and Steve Alexander; we discuss implementation and execution of strategies ranging from materials sales to insurance. The following key questions and points are covered:


  • Dr. Ryan Gustus OD is a 2011 graduate of the IU school of optometry and completed a residency in ocular disease at the Fort Wayne VA Hospital in 2012. He is partner at Eyecare Associates of Bluffton in Indiana and is opening a second location in June 2021. Dr. Gustus has lectured at professional conferences with a focus on para-optometric education for the last 10 years. He is co-founder and CEO of LensQuote, a software platform built for practice owners to drive more in-office contact lens sales.

  • Perry Brill  is CEO of Eyetrepreneur, a boutique lead generation and marketing agency with a special focus on growing startups. His expertise has been acknowledged and highlighted through participation in the following trade publications: Optical Business Podcast News, ABB Profit Advisor, Vision Care Product News and Vision West Opticenter Magazine. While working on a B.S. in Environmental Studies at the University of Kansas, Perry took on an opticianry job at a local practice. Since 2014, Perry has been the manager of his Dad’s Brill Eye Center practice in Mission, KS. Perry has enjoyed the challenges and enlightenment that everyday practice brings. A positive mindset and hustle drives Perry every day to exceed personal and business goals.

  • Steve Alexander has been an optician since he was 16 and has enjoyed working his way up in the industry ever since. For the last 7 years, Steve has been working as a consultant for private practices all across the country, helping them maximize top and bottom-line revenue as well as working with Private Equity groups to help doctors find their perfect exit strategy. He currently leads partnerships at Anagram.




  • 1) A lot of offices struggle with generating revenue, what are some of the common reasons you see for this? Common pitfalls and mistakes?

  • 2) In your opinion, what are the biggest lacks or missed opportunities when it comes to in-office revenue?

  • 3) What are your favorite systems for boosting in-office revenue? Walk us through a step by step process of implementing these systems

  • 4) Longevity - how do we get these systems to stick and have a long term impact?

  • 5) Consumer Psychology - how do we sell and get patients to buy? How do we maintain the “doctor’s office” environment rather than “marketplace” environment, but produce marketplace sales results?

  • 6) Staff Psychology - how do we train staff to boost in-office revenue? Also, how do we on-board them for new systems?

  • 7) In your professional career, what have you seen are the biggest game changers for producing profit in a practice?

  • 8) Future proofing - disruption is coming from every angle. How are we combating this?

  • 9) Discuss entrepreneurship in optometry + the unique entrepreneurial process.


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